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Streets of Fire

ARROW Recap: Did Speedy Shoot Merlyn?!! (CW)

Streets of Fire

Season 2 Episode 22

"Streets of Fire"

Oliver rallies his team as Slade's soldiers attack the city. Felicity gets a call from S.T.A.R. Labs with game-changing news and Thea comes face-to-face with her father...[button color="green" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Streets of Fire


We open with Laurel trapped in the rubble.

Digs starts to fight with Isabel in her "Ravager" form.

Queen's arrows are in there with Laurel to grab one of his arrows that has an explosive tip. He wants her to shoot her way out.

During Digs' battle with Ravager Felicity hits her with the van. Digs jumps in and they see that Ravager is able to get back to her feet. They speed off.

We see the member of Slade's army stationed at the police station throwing cops all over the place. Lance is only able to take him down with three grenades.

Queen talks Laurel through the process of shooting herself out. It works.

Back on the island Queen and Anatoli can't get the submarine to work. Their next plan is to sink Slade's freighter with their last torpedo.

At the airport one of the Slade soldiers tries to grab Thea. He's shot with several arrows by Malcolm, who saves his daughter.

One of Felicity's STAR friends is attacked. He calls Felicity and says his leg is broken and he's lying under his car. Laurel tells Arrow to go "save the city" and leaves for the police station. We see that Slade was listening to this phone conversation.

Queen tells Anatoli if he's not back in an hour he should sink the freighter. Anatoli tells him they are now friends for life.

Lance tells the detectives he thinks Blood is behind what is happening. With the chief dead he suggests calling the vigilante. They agree with Lance and hand him a detective badge.

Sara shows up as the Canary to help Laurel on her way to the station. She recognizes her sister and they embrace.

One of Slade's soldiers kills Blood's district attorney right in front of him, saying "I don't take orders from you."

Arrow takes a call from Lance, who says the city stands with him. On their way to the accident site one of the Slade's soldiers wrecks their van. Two of them approach the van. Queen and Digs seem okay, but Felicity is unconscious. Queen is able to take the two soldiers out with an explosive arrow.

Malcolm tells Thea he wants time to explain what he's done. He says he's there because he heard what happened to Moira and wanted to make sure she was okay. She says she isn't his daughter and wants nothing to do with him. He says that all he wants to do is bring her to safety.

Blood complains to Slade for what his soldiers are doing. He's upset that innocent people are dying. Slade doesn't care, admitting it's all about hurting Queen. Queen loves the city so Slade wants to destroy it.

Sara tells Laurel she's not sure why she came back. Laurel says "your family's here," to which Sara tells her sister she's no longer the person she was. She tells Laurel her new identity.

Back on the island Queen gets Sara on the freighter and tells Sara he can't leave Slade behind. He needs to at least try to save his friend, he says. He wants her to go to the sub but she wants to stay with him.

Before Felicity and Arrow get to her STAR friend the Slade soldiers get to him. They kill him and take the cure he had with him. We see it brought to Slade.

STAR labs tell Digs they can't make any more Mirakuru cure. Queen apologizes to Felicity for what is happening. She tells him the way to honor the dead is by fighting.

Sara and Laurel hear somebody screaming for help. A woman's daughter is trapped inside a burning building. Lance arrives and calls the fire department, but the Canary is able to bring the child out herself. She hands the child to Lance and runs off.

Thea still won't go with Malcolm. One of Slade's men arrives and begins to fight him. Malcolm takes the guy down but seems to be badly hurt in the process.

Blood calls Queen and says he was right about Slade. He wants to help Queen save the city and says he has the Mirakura cure.

Blood tells Queen the "one more person" Slade wants to kill is the person Queen loves most. Blood hands over the cure and promises to make the city better after they stop Slade. Blood points out that Queen is the only one who knows his secret and could stop him from being mayor.

Lance brings Laurel to the station where Sara happens to be waiting. Laurel keeps Sara's secret.

Isabel shows up in Blood's office and confronts him about the cure. She calls Slade on speaker phone. When Blood confirms for him that the cure is gone Isabel kills him.

Back on the island, Queen and Sara look for Ivo's safe. It's empty. They turn around and see Slade. Slade is holding a vile.

Military personnel arrives and appears be to be stationing themselves at the exits to the city. But Laurel doesn't think they are the real military.

Queen calls Amanda and asks what is going on with the troops at the exits. She says they are there for containment. Slade's men are too dangerous and the plan is to destroy the city to prevent them from leaving. Amanda says he has only until dawn. Queen then injects Roy with the cure.

Thea points a gun at Malcolm. He starts to talk to her about how, despite the hard times, she still has a father. She shoots twice.


Streets of Fire

On the season finale...

Streets of Fire

Malcolm Merlyn - The Dark Archer


Streets of Fire

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