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Season 2 Episode 20

"Seeing Red"

The mirakuru sends Roy into an uncontrollable rage and he unleashes on the city. Oliver realizes the mirakuru has taken over Roy completely and must figure out a way to stop him. Things get more complicated after Sara declares that Roy is too far gone and the only way to stop him is to kill him...[button color="green" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Seeing Red


At the Arrow hideout, Roy is unconscious. Digg comments about how much Mirakuru is in Roy’s system. Suddenly, Roy gets up and goes on a bit crazy. He is super-strong and tosses Digg aside like he is not even there.

Cut to Oliver and Sara in bed together in a hotel. They are making love and reminiscing about when they did the same thing when they were younger. Oliver sorta asks her to move in with him. Before either of them can think about that, their phone’s ring with news of Roy’s rampage. 

At the Queen mansion, a reporter is interviewing Moira about the mayor’s race. She is leading in the polls and talks about how her parenting skills will help her run the city someday. Thea comes in and busts up the interview, getting in a fight with her mother. This could be bad for Moira’s campaign. Her campaign adviser Mark, played by X-files vet Nicholas Lea, says Moira can either be a candidate or a mother, but not both.

Flashback to seven years ago, when Oliver and Laurel were together. Oliver seems a little down and tells Laurel that he is just tired from partying with Tommy last night. Laurel leaves and Moira says she knows Oliver was not out with Tommy. She wants to know why Oliver is hiding things from Laurel and he admits that he got a woman pregnant… but it is not Laurel.

In the present, Roy is assaulting random people around the city. He runs into Sin, played by Bex Taylor-Klaus but does not seem to even know her. He beats up some guys and even slaps Sin to the ground. Roy walks away, emotionless over his violence. Lesson for the day – Mirakuru makes you do bad things.

Sin goes by Verdant and talks to Sara, who freaks out a bit at seeing Sin sporting a black eye. I bet Sara

Moira visits Sebastian Blood’s offices. She tells him she has decided to drop out of the race. She won’t tell him why. He presses her for an explanation and she says “My daughter needs me more than Starling City does.” Blood is gonna be mayor.

Sin calls Sara and says she has found Roy. He is hiding in the clock-tower that Sin and Sara used to call home. Oliver/Arrow and Sara/Canary go there. Roy jumps out and knocks Canary aside like she was not even there. She’s out. Arrow shoots at Roy but the Mirakuru-man catches the bolt in mid-air with ease. Arrow tries to talk reason to Roy, but Roy just flips out and he almost breaks Arrow’s leg. Outside the building, two police officers approach Roy. He whoops them both, stabbing one of them with the arrow he caught earlier.

Canary takes Arrow to the hospital. The doctor there says he can put Arrow’s knee in a brace, but it will still hurt. The doc comments that he has been looking for a way to pay Arrow back for the good he has done for the city. Fixing his leg (and keeping it quiet) is good payback.

The TV shows footage of Roy killing the cop. Thea sees it and freaks out. She goes out looking for him. Thea finds Sin who tells her about Roy being infected with some strange drug. Thea figures out that Oliver knows Roy is drugged up and that is why he got Roy and Thea to break up.

At the Arrow hideout, Sara argues that they need to kill Roy. Oliver won’t hear it. Sara says this is the exact conversation they had five years ago about Slade and look where it got them. She picks up a gun and says, “Mirakuru won’t stop a head shot.” She leaves to hunt down Roy.

Roy has a hallucination that Thea is in front of him, blaming herself for not helping him. The Thea hallucination says, “It is my fault. You should just kill me.” So, Roy is going after Thea now.

Mark tells Oliver that Moira is dropping out the race. Oliver goes to see his mother. He tries to convince her to stick in the race, as a way of showing Thea that Moira can do something good for the city. As Oliver starts to walk away, Moira tells him, “I know.” After a long pause it becomes clear that she knows he is the Arrow. She tells him, “I could not be more proud.”

Flashback time again. Moira is going to fix Oliver’s little pregnancy problem. She meets with the woman who is carrying Oliver’s baby. She gives the woman a check for $1 million saying it is so the woman can take care of the baby, her first grandchild. But, she insists that the woman tell Oliver that she had a miscarriage. She says there is another million to be had if the woman and child leave Starling City and never come back. Moira talks about doing anything to protect her children.

Time for Moira’s speech. She is just about to pull out of the race when she sees a hopeful-looking Thea and it changes her tune. “Starling City is my family and there is nothing more important to me than family!” After Moira leaves the podium, Thea gets up to speak. By being on TV, Thea hopes to draw Roy’s attention and bring him to the rally. Her plan works as Roy storms the event and begins throwing bodyguards around like feathers. Thea tries to talk to him., but he just grabs her by the throat. Canary pops out and pulls her gun on Roy.

Before Canary can shoot, Sin jumps in the way begging her not to kill Roy. Sin shots Roy in the leg instead. Roy falls and looks up at Canary. “Kill me, please,” he begs her in a brief moment of clarity. Just then, Arrow jumps out and shoots Roy with three of his venom arrows, knocking Roy out. “No one dies tonight,” Arrow says.

In the Arrow hideout, they tie Roy down and keep him pumped full of Tibetan snake venom. Sara says she was all ready to kill Roy. She is shaken and says she is broken and a killer. She tells Oliver she will never be good enough for him. “I’m sorry, but I care about you too much,” she says as she leaves. Sara leaves, saying goodbye to Sin on the way out. It sure feels like she is leaving the show.

The Queen family gets back together to go home and Thea lectures Oliver about keeping secrets from her. She is upset that he knew about Roy and the drug but did not tell her. Moira says the family needs to stop keeping secrets. She says, “I want to tell you something about Malcolm Merlyn…” but before she can finish her sentence, their car is struck by something.

Oliver wakes up and he is tied up. Slade has Moira and Thea tied up too and is offering Oliver the same choice as five years ago – pick a woman to live… and pick one to die. “I swear to god, I am going to kill you,” Oliver screams at Slade. His only response, “Choose.” Moira stands up and says, “there is only one way I can save both of my children.” Slade tells her she possesses true courage and he is sad she did not pass that on to her son. It appears Slade will let Moira live as he lowers his gun, but he pulls out a sword and runs her through. “There is still one person who has to die,” he says as he walks away. I am not sure if he means Sara or Oliver. I think he is talking about Oliver. Thea holds her mother’s lifeless body and cries.

A final look at the flashback to seven years ago. Oliver tells his mother that the girl lost the baby. The girl is going to go to school in Central City (I wonder if she will run into the Flash there?). Oliver tells his mom that he is luckiest man on the planet. He tells Moira that he could not have gotten through this without her.

The episode ends with Moira saying, “I love you” in the flashback as we see her dead body on the ground next to Oliver and Thea.

Seeing Red

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Seeing Red

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Seeing Red

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