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The Man Under the Hood


The Man Under the Hood

Season 2 Episode 19

"The Man Under the Hood"

Oliver, Canary, Diggle, and Felicity return to the lair and find Slade waiting for them. An epic battle breaks out and one member of Team Arrow is sent to the hospital. Thea hits her breaking point, but just as Oliver is about to reach her, Slade intervenes and Oliver is faced with a choice - his battle with Slade or his family. Meanwhile, Laurel struggles with a new secret...[button color="green" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


The Man Under the Hood


We open with Queen, Digs, Sara and Felicity breaking into Queen Consolidated's Applied Sciences facility. They plant several explosives and leave. From the van Queen detonates the bombs and the building is destroyed. They know that Slade needs to find an industrial sized centrifuge to make his serum.

Laurel meets with her father in prison. She thinks that if he gives up the Arrow he'll be released. Unfortunately Lance doesn't know the Arrow's identity.

In order to protect the family's income, the family attorney tells Queen and Moira they need to move assets away from Isabel. But they need Thea to sign off on it. Moira tells Queen that his father had an affair with Isabel when she was an intern.

Back on the island Sara cleans up the badly injured Queen. The people they're with want to torture ? as payback. He stops them by saying he can help them stop Slade. He thinks he turn Slade back with a cure.

Queen, Digs, Sara and Felicity return to HQ and finds Slade waiting for them. Slade takes them down, one at a time before leaving.
Laurel visits Sara in the hospital. She has one fracture and several bruises. The doctor tells Laurel she has previous injuries consistent with someone who has seen combat. Sara tells Laurel it was a motorcycle injury. Laurel asks about her scars but they're interrupted by Queen. Laurel is suspicious.

Queen tries to talk to Thea about the plan to save their family fortune. Thea isn't interested, still furious about her paternity.

Felicity and Sara tell Queen and Digs that Slade stole the skeleton key when he was there. They realize the most cutting-edge security in town is STAR Laboratories, where Felicity used to work.

We see two STAR employees talking about the fact their company is shutting down. Slade shows up and kills one of their security, then starts chasing the two employees. They shoot him with a high-tech weapon of some kind and are able to escape. Slade sees what he needs and loads up a truck. Queen and Sara arrive after Slade has already left the scene and we see that Laurel was following them.

Felicity and Digs arrive at STAR but the employees won't divulge what was taken. Felicity hears that Barry is getting visit from someone named Iris.

Felicity figures out Slade has stolen something called a Biotransfuser, which delivers blood from one patient to multiple other people. He can use it to transfer the Mirakuru to his new prisoner army. The process should make him weak, so the plan is to let him do it and then try and kill him. Felicity says she'll know when the machine is turned on based on the electritcity used.

Back on the island Ivo asks Sara and Queen for a quick death in return for helping them. Sara agrees. He says he was able to synthesize a solution that reverses the affect of the Mirakuru. It's in his safe on the freighter. Sara points a gun at him.

Queen and Digs pay Isabel a visit. Queen mentions his father and she responds that they were soul mates. Robert had been planning to leave his family but ended up choosing Thea, despite knowing that she wasn't his.

A prisoner who knew Lance on the outside gives him a thorough beating.

Laurel reaches out for a meeting with the Arrow. She seems poised to tell Queen she knows his identity, but during the conversation she gets a call from Sara about their father.

Sara and Laurel visit Lance in the hospital. Laurel asks for a minute alone and tells her father she knows the identity of the Arrow. He stops her, saying he's decided he doesn't want to humanize the Arrow by knowing his name. He tells Laurel it must be hard being the Arrow. Laurel is able to convince the DA's office to release her father based on their failure to protect him.

Thea finally meets with Queen. Before he can start talking Felicity calls with word that Slade has turned on the Biotransfuser. He has 30-40 minutes to get there. Queen turns around and Thea is gone.

Arrow arrives at Slade's lair and finds the machine in use. More than a dozen men are laid out in a circle having just received the transfusion. But the person who donated the blood was Roy, not Slade. Slade walks over with Isabel. They say they found Roy at a shelter. Queen fires an arrow into the machine, disabling it. He then fights with Isabel and Slade. Arrow fires two special arrows into Slade, which seems to incapacitate him. Digs arrives to take out Isabel and Arrow takes off with Roy in tow.

Queen brings Roy and some Mirakuru back to Felicity. He wants them to use the Mirakuru to make a cure. He tells them that five years ago he had the chance to use the cure on Slade.

Back on the island Sara is unable to pull the trigger and kill Ivo. Queen takes the gun from her and does it himself.

The next day Thea is gathering her stuff to leave. Queen arrives and tells Thea about Robert knowing about Merlin and still choosing to be her father. It doesn't seem to matter to Thea, who promptly walks out.

Felicity bring the Mirakuru to her friends at STAR.

Laurel finds Queen alone. She hugs him and tells him he's important to her.

Slade's army is coming to life and it looks as if he's given the Mirakuru to Isabel.


The Man Under the Hood

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The Man Under the Hood The Man Under the Hood The Man Under the Hood The Man Under the Hood The Man Under the Hood The Man Under the Hood The Man Under the Hood The Man Under the HoodThe Man Under the Hood The Man Under the Hood



The Man Under the Hood


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