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Arrested Development Cast Has ‘Much More’ Time Together in Season 5

The impossible-to-kill Arrested Development will be more traditional in structure, during its now-confirmed season 5 (due to arrive on Netflix in 2018). The entire regular cast is expected to return, including Michael Cera who is fresh off his triumphant appearance as Wally Brando in Twin Peaks Season 3. Jason Bateman was announced to be returning even before the new season was confirmed.

While fans will be excited to hear that the Bluth Family is coming back for more hilariously dysfunctional running-gag-filled adventures, some might have trepidations about the new run of episodes given the complaints about season 4. Due to actor scheduling conflicts, season 4 had to be written in a somewhat disjointed, time-hopping style that limited the amount of time the entire cast was actually onscreen together.

Assembling the entire Bluth Family may be a very tricky proposition for Mitchell Hurwitz, Ron Howard and company, but according to cast member Will Arnett, they are going to make it happen. Speaking with Business Insider, Arnett said that unlike season 4, season 5 will be structured more like earlier Arrested Development seasons – with cast members sharing more scenes together, as opposed to being off on their own side-adventures and rarely interacting (we are still waiting to hear anything more on those rumors about Arrested Development season 5 being a prequel).

Arnett expressed pleasure at being able to actually work together with his fellow Arrested Development cast members when the show begins filming this summer, saying:

“It’s an opportunity to see everyone else. It will be very rewarding.”

GOB in Arrested Development Arrested Development Cast Has Much More Time Together in Season 5

Though season 4 contained some very strong comedic moments and plenty of legitimate character development, particularly in the case of Tobias, the lack of a strong thread running through the entire season arguably dampened the overall effect. Lack of interaction between characters certainly hurts a show like Arrested Development that deals so much with family dynamics, and depends on ever-shifting relationships for much of its humor. Mitchell Hurwitz and his writers compensated for the lack of character interaction in season 4 by focusing more on running gags, which arguably gave the season more of a “Greatest Hits” feel than the sense of a cohesive whole.

With the full cast re-assembled in more of a traditional manner, Arrested Development will have a chance to develop the relationships that made it memorable in the first place. More Michael and George-Michael being painfully awkward together, more Michael and Lindsay engaged in sibling rivalry, more GOB being viciously mocked by his own family members, more Tobias being weird with everyone, more Lucille and Buster making us squirm in our seats – and more mass chicken dances.

Arrested Development season 5 premieres on Netflix in 2018.

Source: Business Insider

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