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Are You Ready for a Fantasy Island Reboot?? "Boss.. De Plane, De Plane!!"

Fantasy Island is the latest series to get the reboot treatment.

ABC and Sony Pictures Television have reteamed to revive the drama series with a few twists, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Instead of taking place on an island where people pay to live out their fantasies, as was the case in the original series and the 1998 version, the new project will be set at a company named Fantasy Island that helps fulfill its clients' deepest, darkest fantasies. Gone will also be Mr. Roarke, played by Ricardo Montalban in the original, in exchange for a female lead who runs the Fantasy Island company.

Up in the Air's Sheldon Turner will write the script and executive-produce alongside Jennifer Klein and Drop Dead Diva's Josh Berman.

Starting out as two TV movies, Fantasy Island ran for seven seasons from 1977 to 1984 on ABC and gave us Tattoo's (Herve Villechaize) trademark catchphrase, "De plane! De plane!" The network revived the show in 1998 with Malcolm McDowell as Mr. Roarke, but sadly, no Tattoo, which is probably why it only lasted 13 episodes.

The new Fantasy Island joins CBS' Moreau, an adaptation of The Island of Dr. Moreau, as remakes replacing male leads with females.

Would you watch a new Fantasy Island? Who should play "Ms. Roarke" and Tattoo, if he's back?

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