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Anja Nissen ahead of Isaiah in Eurovision odds

Two Australian singers, Anja Nissen and Isaiah Firebrace are in a tight tussle in Eurovision betting -but both are trailing the Final favourites.

Former Voice winner Anja Nissen is #13 according to latest betting, with X Factor winner Isaiah now at #16.

Representing Denmark, Nissen’s odds range between 40 and 322 to 1. Isaiah’s best odds are between 80 and 379 to 1.

Italy remains the favourite followed by Portugal, Bulgaria and Belgium.

Portugal‘s Salvador Sobral is currently charting in 18 national iTunes charts, Belgium is charting in 17 countries, and Italy is in the iTunes charts of 13 countries. Isaiah is charting in seven countries.

For the record, I’m tipping Portugal (and would love for Isaiah to prove me very wrong!). Unenviably, Nissen has to perform between the two firm favourites.

TV Tonight will be publishing Live results tomorrow morning.

Live 5am AEST Sunday on SBS.

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