On Thursday's Watch What Happens Live!, Anderson Cooper talked about Jon Rudnitsky's Saturday Night Live impression of him.

Host Andy Cohen brought up the Democratic debate sketch, saying "SNL spoofed the debate and they spoofed you, and I was offended by the spoof because I thought that the guy kind of queened it up in playing you."

"I’m not easily offended," responded Cooper, "but I didn’t think it was very good." He said in contrast he thought Seth Meyers did a good job impersonating him in the past.

"I’m all for being spoofed," he said. "I did think it was a little oddly, you know it was like the only thing he knew about me was that I’m gay, so that's sort of what he went with."

Molly Ringwald, who was another guest on Cohen's show, said she thought Rudnitsky was playing it "very stoic."

Cooper disagreed. "I got a little Truman Capote vibe which I thought — it was a little snideness, which I thought was odd." Cooper had originally been asked to play himself in the sketch but had to decline due to a scheduling conflict.