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America's Got Talent - Season 9


America's Got Talent - Season 9

"Quarterfinals: Week 2 Performances"

Twelve hungry acts take the Radio City stage to compete for America's vote during Week 2 of the America's Got Talent Quarterfinals...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

America's Got Talent - Season 9


It's the second week of the live America's Got Talent Quarterfinals, with 12 more acts competing for a chance to move on. Standing in their way is the pressure of performing on the legendary Radio City Music Hall stage - and winning the hearts (and votes) of America.
The show starts off big with the night's largest act - Hart Dance Team, an all-girl dance troupe with over 20 members. They transform the stage into a glittery experience, showing off their choreography and utilizing creative props. Although Howie and Mel B rave about the performance, Howard and Heidi challenge them to diversify their next routine - that is, if America votes them onto the next round.
Next up, trick roping extraordinaire (and genuine cowboy) Loop Rawlins takes the stage. He dials up the danger from his Judgment Week audition by performing in a ring of fire and lighting whips ablaze in the process. The judges tip their hats to his act and urge America to do the same, although Mel B expresses her doubts about his ability to carry a full Las Vegas show.
Dance follows danger as salsa duo John & Andrew hit the Radio City stage next. They dance atop a colorful platform with speed, precision and power, bringing a serious energy to their act. Mel B stands as the lone outlier as the three other judges all agree on John & Andrew's remarkable talent. Question is, will America feel the same way?
Indie band Livy, Matt & Sammy make for the first live music act of Week 2 and aim to impress by applying their own acoustic sensibility to Queen's hit "Fat Bottom Girls." Despite a pitch-perfect performance, the judges warn that the song seems too safe to warrant headliner status - the hallmark of an AGT-winning act.
Another hallmark is balance, and the next act has that in spades - hand balancer Andrey Moraru. In addition to his incredible physical strength and grace, he performs in front of a visually stunning background and delivers a performance that wows the judges.
Next, eccentric rollerblade dancer Juan Carlos creates a spectacle on stage during a routine choreographed to Madonna's "Vogue." Backup dancers and additional rollerbladers join him on stage behind massive portraits of the performer himself. Howie praises the act as the essence of entertainment, while Howard remains vehement in arguing the opposite - he even lays down on the judges' table in protest. Either way, it's up to America to decide Juan Carlos' fate.
Talented young singer Mara Justine comes up next backed by a live band. Just like her previous auditions, Mara's vocal range and stage presence stands at the forefront during her rendition of "Unconditionally" by Katy Perry. The judges compliment her talent, but also express uncertainty about her song choice. She will have to wait until tomorrow night to find out if America agrees.
Mixing elements of acrobatics and silent film, Aerial Animation takes the stage next. She illustrates a magical story from high above the stage that uses her own drawings and choreography - and that picks up right where the story from her audition ended. Praise comes from every judge and they hope America rewards Aerial Animation for true originality.
Up next, teen singer Jaycob Curlee performs an intimate cover of "Beneath Your Beautiful" by Emeli Sandé. His approach highlights his likeability, but the judges want him to utilize the emotion from his life as fuel for his singing. Howie disagrees with the others, but ultimately America will decide whether he has the chops to move into the semifinals.
Magician Mat Franco takes to the Radio City stage next and starts by spray-painting a prediction on a prop masked from the audience. Heidi then chooses a card at random and Mat spins the prop around to show off his spray-painted prediction - but it's wrong. Unfazed, he lights the prop on fire... and it reveals Heidi's card! But Mat's not finished - he asks Howie to reach into his back pocket and, sure enough, somehow the originally predicted card made its way into Howie's possession. The judges marvel at the act and like his chances to move on.
The show switches gears from magic to comedy and stand-up comedian Darik Santos walks out next. His expert wordplay and cheeky observations solicit laughs from the audience, but the judges seem divided by his act. Howie remains his chief advocate, underscoring the comedian's quirky sensibilities. In order for Darik to make the semifinals, he hopes America feels the same way.
ACTE II takes the stage next as the night's final act. The operatic duo stakes their claim in the quarterfinals to a classic song written by Dolly Parton and covered by Whitney Houston, "I Will Always Love You." Their rendition spotlights the act's flair for vocal gymnastics, winning them kudos from all the judges - except Howard, who believes the duo's performance fell flat. Lucky for ACTE II, America has the final vote.
America's Got Talent - Season 9

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