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American Odyssey - Season 1

American Odyssey (Full Episode) - "Kmag Yoyo"

An escape to the coast hits a snag for Odelle and Aslam; Harrison makes a risky vow; shocking news fuels Peter to cut a deal with Societel.

Odelle and Aslam leave Luc's safe house en route to Algeria, a journey Luc declines to join, certain of his own safety and of their impending demise. While they're on the road, a radio station news report informs them of Shakir's tragic death and sends both of them on an emotional spiral that culminates with their car overheating in the middle of the desert. Aslam erupts in anger as Odelle attempts to assume control of their next move, but eventually they agree to continue on foot despite the danger that may lie ahead. Unfortunately, that danger comes far sooner than they anticipate: before sunset, two carloads of armed bandits ride up to Odelle and Aslam. Whether they recognize the weary travelers or not, it's clear the bandits have ill intentions.

At Club Cachette, General Diallo rushes to Shakir's limp body and finds his secret lover dead. Diallo's display of affection troubles his soldiers, uneasy about their general's relationship. At Diallo's instruction, they set up roadblocks to catch the suspects and soon detain Frank and his men. Irate about Shakir's brutal murder, Diallo drives Frank out to the desert and places a gun to head - but when he pulls the trigger, no bullets escape the chamber. The general turns back to his men... and watches them drive away, a full-scale betrayal on account of Diallo's unholy association with Shakir. Frank knocks Diallo unconscious and, once again, is left on his own to survive. He stumbles his way to the only house he can find, which just so happens to belong to Luc. A struggle ensues and the wounded Osela assassin falls short. But what exactly will Luc do with Frank in his possession?

Back in the States, Peter dives deep into the contents of the stolen files and discovers Project Socrates, a file that reveals systemic surveillance on Peter, his entire family and even Tsaldari. The discovery forces Peter to come clean to Sarah and, in the process, he also admits the role he played in causing Cameron's injuries. Sarah agrees to vacate the house with their children, but seethes about Peter's secrets and continued association with Tsaldari. After his family leaves, Peter visits Societel CEO Alex Baker and confronts him about Project Socrates. Baker agrees to withdraw surveillance if Peter keeps the stolen files under wraps. But Peter goes one step further: he asks for $40 million in exchange for Tsaldari's compliance with Societel. Baker smiles. It's a done deal.

A recently released Harrison feels like a done deal, too, as he drowns his sorrows at a bar. His pity party is interrupted by an unlikely source: Senator Darnell. They speak in private and Darnell presses him for information on Yusuf Qasim, a patriotic play Darnell masks under the threat of terrorism. Harrison sees right through the tactic and, instead of bowing to the powerful man, he vows to complete his father's story and tear down the whole façade.

Another façade starts to crumble when Bob returns home to find Ruby with his mother. The undercover assassin issues a stern warning to Bob, demanding that he mind his own business or Rose will suffer the consequences. Outside Bob's apartment, however, Ruby receives the same level of lashing from her boss, Osela agent Michael Banks. He demands that she cover her target, Harrison, and terminate him. Later, she finds an inebriated Harrison walking by the Brooklyn promenade at night and, rather than shoot him on sight, guides him back to her apartment. Before he passes out, he receives a text from an imam who knows Yusuf, and they make a plan to meet. Ruby pounces on the opportunity to shift gears to Yusuf. A quick call to Banks and he agrees to her new plan: allow Harrison to lead them to Yusuf, take him out, then eliminate Harrison.

Meanwhile, after an emotional chat with his mom, Bob scours the internet for information on Ruby Simms - and finds that she stole her name from a childhood acquaintance who died in 2003. Bob makes several failed attempts to find Harrison, visiting both Harrison's apartment and approaching (his now ex-girlfriend) Anna to deliver the news in person. At long last he manages to tracks him to Ruby's apartment - but she refuses to let him inside. Frustrated, Bob declares that she no longer scares him... and he reveals her real name.

Reality continues to blur for Ron and Suzanne as they eat dinner with Ron's friend, Lucy, the widow of a fallen soldier. Still prickly over her father's interest in moving forward, Suzanne excuses herself from dinner and heads across the street to a bookstore. She ends up in a conversation with a kind stranger named Julia about favorite books and the discussion soon turns to Odelle. Ron interrupts out of concern, but Julia keeps the moment light, buys Suzanne a book and compliments her intelligence. Later, Suzanne leaves her mom a voice mail about her new friend Julia... and on the other line, at an undisclosed location, Julia listens in on the message, a look of guilt and concern on her face.

American Odyssey - Season 1

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