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American Odyssey - Season 1

American Odyssey (Full Episode) - "Gingerbread"


A shaman forces Odelle to confront the ghosts of her recent past; Peter's life spirals out of control; Ruby and Harrison leave for a romantic getaway.

Bound at the wrists as a prisoner inside a hut in the slums of Timbuktu, Odelle listens to the cryptic words of her only company - a mysterious shaman. He demands that she be punished for crimes, ignores her calls for sympathy and proceeds to torture her without relent, including subjecting her to waterboarding and a day baking in the hot sun. Throughout the ordeal, the shaman insists that she must die before she can see and at long last force-feeds her a strange concoction that sends her into a lifelike fever dream where a veritable parade of the dead confront her one by one: the captain of her unit, Luc's girlfriend Serena, Shakir Khan, Frank Majors. Suddenly Odelle snaps to consciousness, again inside the hut with the shaman lording over her.

Meanwhile, Luc leaves Aslam tied to his truck while he uses his cell phone to call Odelle's home in America in order to trigger a response from Osela. When Aslam manages to escape, he seeks out the Lost Boys and, after a confrontation, feels convinced that Luc's actions resulted in Odelle's death; the arrival of an Osela agent seems to support that claim. On the agent's demand, Luc escorts him to Odelle, and the shaman quickly detains the agent inside the hut while he removes a weary and delusional Odelle. With the agent watching through blinds in the hut, Odelle drops to her knees and the shaman places a gun to her head... and pulls the trigger. Her body lays limp on the ground as the shaman yanks the Osela agent out and threatens to kill him too - until Luc steps in and convinces him otherwise. For proof of her death, Luc removes Odelle's dog tags and hands them to the agent before the man leaves the country.

In New York, Peter approaches Harrison for the first time at a press conference announcing Yusuf's trial, recognizing the activist from the Coney Island protest. A quick conversation reveals that they both agree about Yusuf's innocence prior to Darnell's assassination, and they soon share information about Black Sands and the larger scope of the cover-up. Peter presses Harrison for evidence that could incriminate Societel, but his persistence leads Harrison to distrust him, and the conversation ends without any official form of cooperation.

Cooperation is all that Ruby asks of Harrison when she picks him up in a rental car for an impromptu trip to a beach house. He complies. After a night of lovemaking, Harrison wakes up to find Ruby missing... and a handful of counterfeit passports inside a coffee can. Where exactly has she taken him? This spurs Harrison to snoop through Ruby's cell phone call history and subsequently ask Bob to run one of the numbers she dials frequently. Bob confirms the worse case scenario: Ruby works for Osela. She returns just as Harrison hears the news, and soon enough Ruby pulls out her gun, tears streaming, and attempts to explain herself. Harrison refutes all her claims, irate that the same person who killed his father would have the gall to sleep him. Ruby pleads with him to stop investigating and join her, love her - but quickly recognizes her own delusion. She phones the police and fires her gun into the ceiling, both emotional and desperate, while Harrison keeps his hands in the air. When the police finally arrive, Ruby faces them head-on and charges out the door. Harrison attempts to stop her, aware of her intention, but she cuts him and he falls, a move that allows her to rush out the door, gun raised. The police respond with gunfire before she squeezes off a shot, and Ruby drops to the floor, riddled with bullets. Harrison, conflicted and stunned, lies next to her... and watches her die.

All this occurs unbeknownst to Peter, who returns to his office only to find that his secretary has been reassigned and his office locked indefinitely. Did Simons Wachtel fire him? His anger boils as he bursts into his boss' office and interrupts a meeting with none other than Alex Baker. With no love lost, Baker officially fires Peter for breach of contract and sends him out accompanied by security. With few other options, Peter heads to Joe's house where he fills in his friend on the latest and asks him to sneak into Simons Wachtel to do a little reconnaissance on Baker's sudden disregard for Tsaldari. Joe refuses.

Unfortunately, Peter's problems don't end there. When he returns home, he discovers his wife, Sarah, in mid-conversation with two detectives. She confronts him with a picture of Jenji, the man who helped him break into Societel's data center and covered up a subsequent murder. Sarah explains that after a recent arrest, Jenji claimed knowledge about a murder that implicates Peter. Amid Peter's flat denials of any knowledge or involvement, Sarah rips into him - their trust nonexistent, decimated by lies and deception. She admits that Maya told her about him and Tsaldari drinking wine together. Peter's attempt to reason with her fails, and she requests a divorce. He's hit rock bottom.

And so has Aslam, depressed by the loss of his friend. Just as he readies himself to embark on a solo journey elsewhere, Luc beckons him back to the shaman... and reveals a recharged and very much alive Odelle. Turns out they filled the shaman's gun with blanks and used fake blood; it was all an act to convince Osela of Odelle's death. Aslam smiles big - are they finally free? It seems that way back in the States when the Osela agent returns Odelle's dog tags to Colonel Glen. To the world, Odelle is dead, a masterful plan orchestrated in secret by Luc, who informs Odelle that they have a plane to catch.

American Odyssey - Season 1

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