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"American Horror Story: Freak Show" - New Teasers!


There’s a new season of American Horror Story on the way, and FX doesn’t want you to forget it. As per usual with all content that falls under their network umbrella, they’ve inundated viewers with heaps of previews for their macabre soap opera’s fourth go-round, monikered Freak Show. It’s the FX way: run a dozen and change advertisements that clock in at thirty seconds, tops, and cut each of them like a nifty, suggestive little micro narrative.

Somehow, American Horror Story always seems to come out ahead in this department – last year’s Coven, for example,and even the series’ fledgling season, Murder House, can claim well over a dozen teasers and trailers to their credit, and Freak Show thus far has proven to be no exception, boasting more promotional material than you can shake a stick at (or perhaps an extra limb).

Case in point: FX has unleashed a brand new trio of teasers for the show’s impending October premiere; one cute, one creepy, and one that might actually make you jump. That’s the goal for this exercise, after all, and while a couple entries in Freak Show‘s marketing onslaught produce that exact desired effect, most of them are quite satisfied with simply being off kilter, unsettling, or just plain old weird.

Take the first of the three fresh clips, respectively titled “Big and Small” (posted above) and “Extremes” (posted below). They’re actually rather similar in terms of concept: they both make a display out of size and perspective, featuring a smaller character (in “Big and Small”, a dwarf, in “Extremes”, a child) set alongside or beneath a far larger figure. “Big and Small” feels like something of a sight gag, while “Extremes” washes over you with its unabashed eeriness. One idea, two teasers, two very different approaches to articulating those ideas in visuals.

Which brings us to “Peek A Boo”, the third and final new addition to Freak Show‘s growing stable of grotesqueries. This is a sequence that’s totally uninterested in just striking its viewers with atmosphere; no, this one goes right for the jugular. What’s on the other side of that tent curtain? Judging by the sounds, it’s an animal of some kind or another, but based on how the whole ordeal ends, maybe you don’t want to find out:

Is it possible that the kids here have a run in with Twisty, one of Freak Show‘s two principle antagonists? We haven’t seen much of the murderous harlequin at all in the show’s plugs just yet (for good reason, according to Ryan Murphy’s description of the guy), and given that Twisty’s “thing” appears to be killing carnival workers, it seems more likely that these boys ran afoul of something else housed in Elsa Mars’ mysterious menagerie. (Maybe the snatched boy is going to end up being turned into a freak himself, a’la Tod Browning’s 1932 horror film Freaks.)

Just a couple of weeks left until Freak Show opens its doors and treats us all to Murphy’s new slate of thrills, chills, and gruesome delights. If you’re not already excited for what the season has in store, then maybe these teasers will get you there.

American Horror Story: Freak Show premieres October 8th, 2014.

- Andy Crump/


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