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Amazing Race Canada Recap: Teams scramble to make final four

Amazing Race Canada Recap: Teams scramble to make final four
CTV Brothers Gino, left, and Jesse power their way through the Brawn portion of the Detour in Oliver, B.C., on this week's episode of The Amazing Race Canada.

Coming off a non-elimination leg, teams know they’ve got to give it their all to make it into the final four of this, the third season of The Amazing Race Canada. As the five remaining teams make their way to Penticton, B.C. from Delhi, India, they know a Double U-Turn is looming ahead. Here are three things to know about what went down on this week’s episode:

Leaving other teams in their wake

After manoeuvring their vehicle out of a truck maze (Nick and Matt zoom into first), teams drive to the Roadblock on Lake Okanagan where one member must complete two obstacles on a wakeboard. The wrestlers and the two teams of brothers get through relatively easily — “As graceful as a pig,” Matt says of Nick’s fire plug-like form — while Simi and Leilani struggle. Leilani injures her leg, but keeps going. The physically draining challenge takes its toll on both of the ladies later in the day, though.

Leilani tries to get up during the wakeboarding challenge on The Amazing Race Canada.


There are shades of Season 14 of The Amazing Race when Sean makes Brent pull over to take a pee break as they are driving to the Detour on a farm near Oliver, B.C. about half an hour outside of Penticton. In the U.S. version, siblings Jen and Kisha Hoffman were eliminated after they dropped to last place after Jen had to take a bathroom break on the way to their Pit Stop. “It’s annoying: Sean always has to pee. He has the body of an old man,” Brent tells the camera, before berating his brother when the wrestlers drive on past their parked truck. “It was literally the worst timing ever, With a Double U Turn on the line and we have to do a Speedbump,” Brent says. “My bladder isn’t psychic, unfortunately,” his liquidly challenged brother replies. And it wouldn’t be an episode of The Amazing Race Canada without Sean upchucking a bit, which he does after the brothers choose to the Brawn over the Brains portion of the Detour.

Sean works to cork bottles of wine during a Speedbump.

Double, double toil and trouble

Gino and Jesse, first to the Double U-Turn (located at the end of the mud run on the Detour), nominate the wrestlers, forcing them to do both sides of the Detour. The move gives the brothers the win, which includes two tickets to Tokyo and gas for two years. Nick and Matt pull the same move on Dujean and Leilani, knowing they are further back than Brent and Sean (who also have to perform a Speedbump to make up for that non-elimination in Delhi). Simi and Ope, meanwhile, skate through the middle. (Ope is so overjoyed, he dances when he sees no one has U-Turned him and his daughter.) While Simi uses her brain in the Brawn challenge — climbing to the top of the monkey bars and crawling across the top — Leilani keeps trying and falling onto the fresh manure piled beneath the obstacle. Her arms are toast after all that wakeboarding and Dujean isn’t much help, hectoring his ex-girlfriend rather than helping her along with encouragement. They eventually decide to take a penalty. “I am done with him and I hope to never see him again,” she tells the camera. The exes arrive at the Double U-Turn board to see their faces and know they are done. Arriving at the Pit Stop, host Jon Montgomery tells them their Race is over and they have been eliminated.

First to the Double-turn in Oliver, B.C., brothers Gino, left, and Jesse decide to U-Turn Nick and Matt.Next week: The final four head to Edmonton where they encounter the second Faceoff of the season and tempers flare as things look to get nasty.

The Amazing Race Canada airs Wednesdays on CTV.

Dujean Williams and Leilani Ross were eliminated from The Amazing Race Canada on this week’s episode, which started in Delhi, India and ended in Osoyoos, B.C. Next week, the final four teams head to Edmonton. 


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