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Amazing Race Canada exit interview: Brian and Cynthia were 'there to win'!

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 1.00.56 AMCTV Cynthia and Brian Boyd take a minute at the Mallick Flower Market in Kolkata, India during The Amazing Race Canada. The married police officers from Winnipeg were the latest team to be eliminated from the series. | Photograph by: CTV , Calgary Herald

Laid back they are not. But that’s okay. The drive and focus Brian and Cynthia Boyd showed on The Amazing Race Canada took them to the final six, but the married police officers arrived last to the Pit Stop in Kolkata, India and were eliminated from the series. I caught up with them via phone from Toronto to talk all things TARC:


Question: Going into the Race, what did you think your strengths were?

Brian: I don’t’ think, I know what our strengths are. we are fairly well travelled, we know one anothe very well because we’ve been together for 20 years

Cynthia: We are problem solvers. We’re kind of well-rounded, with common sense.

Brian and Cynthia meet up with Gino and Jesse during the Faceoff challenge in the Magdalen Islands on The Amazing Race Canada.Q: Were they strengths on the Race or did they cause a bit of a roadblock on the Race?

Brian: One of our strengths is endurance and having the wherewithal to carry on and push through, whether it be lack of water or heat or too much heat. One of our strengths being endurance really helped us wherever we travelled throughout Canada or South America or into India.

Cynthia and Brian assemble a garland at the Mallick Flower Market in Kolkata, India on The Amazing Race Canada.Q: Can you describe the experience of getting off the plane after 30-hours plus of travel and having to hit the ground running in Kolkata?

Cynthia: That is exactly it. Thirty hours and I remember stepping out of the airport: it was like hitting a brick wall of heat. It was 50-plus degrees, with the humidex level. You are tired (but) you have adrenalin running. You are sitting in the cab with sensory overload of noise and sights and millions and millions of people. It was very very chaotic.


Q: Kolkata seems to be one of the most stressful situations on the Race so far. How did you get through it?

Cynthia: It is perserverance. A big thing that was hitting my mind was not getting heat exhaustion, trying to keep hydrated and focus on the task at hand. It was very trying in a lot of different ways. I know myself, the heat hit me. I remember at one point, a chill went up my spine and I went, ‘That is not a good sign Cynthia. Your body is about to shut down. You need to cool down.’ But we made it to the mat and we didn’t feel we were the last team. It was a shock to hear Jon, to hear words you don’t want to hear come out of his mouth, ‘You’re eliminated.’ It was a great experience overall. Sometimes taxis and traffic, there wasn’t much we could change in that leg.


Q: That seems to be coming up a lot this season: the roll of the dice on taxis.

Brian: The roll of the dice on taxis is out of your control. Cynthia and I are the type of people that like things within our control and then you can steer the boat. But being where the cab drivers don’t speak English and the traffic is out of control you can’t do much but hope for the best.

Married police officers Brian and Cynthia Boyd learn they are the last team to the Pit Stop in Kolkata, India on this week’s The Amazing Race Canada. The couple from Winnipeg were eliminated from the competition.Q: Other than the obvious of not coming last, if you could do something different on the Race, what would it be?

Cynthia: There were a couple of decisions, looking back, that ‘Well, if we had done this, we would have been first place. For instance, Halifax, we love beer! if we would have just chose beer, there was a strong chance that we would have hit the mat first, not second because I couldn’t dive 15 feet in salt water. But everything happens for a reason. I can’t say that we would go back and change things. We were this close to continuing on and Gino and Jesse could have went home in Kolkata. It was just the luck of the cab and a lot of traffic. We were in stand-still traffic there.


Q: What was the highpoint on the Race?

Brian: The high point for me, and Cynthia too, was we travel a lot as tourists around the world and doing a Race where there is a prize and it’s a challenge, and not to be atourist to race as a team that is what I will always remember: Racing with my wife.


Q: Brian, how do you think you’ve been edited?

Brian: Oh boy. Yeah, uhm. Focused, intense, mission-oriented. We were there for a reason and that was to win. If I didn’t look like I was looking around, living under a rock and having a jolly old time, that is because both Cynth and I were there to win. How they edited me, that’s out of my control as well.

Cynthia: I think Brian was the king of one liners, especially in Isle du Madeleine. We have dry humour and you either get it or you don’t. He had some pretty good one liners that we were giggling at at home when we were watching. . . . We are real people. We didn’t go on to become famous. Little squabbles happen and you move on.


Q: What was the most fun?

Cynthia: Fun. Fun depends on how you define that word. One thing that we really enjoyed was in Sudbury, in the mine going down into the Earth’s core. It was a neat experience and we would have loved to have spent some more time there. Dancing isn’t our thing. I mean, doing the tango in Argentina was kind of neat even though we sucked at it. It’s something probably never do again in Argentian, right? It really reaffirmed how beautiful Canada is and we want to travel more in Canada now.


Question: Is there anything else you want people to know about your time on the Race?

Brian: Oh boy. Ooh.

Cynthia: I think it’s pretty evident we were there with one goal and that was to win. We put 100 per cent effort on the table and we left nothing behind. It was a once-in-a lifetime experience

Brian: No, I think Cynthia summed it up. We are proud Canadians. We are very proud to have made it on the Race and I think Cynthia summarized it best.

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