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Amanda Holden on BGT future: ‘I ain’t going anywhere!’ (VIDEO)

As Britain’s Got Talent celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, judge Amanda Holden has revealed she fully intends to remain on the show.

Alongside judge Simon Cowell, Amanda is the only panellist to have appeared on BGT since its launch in 2007 and has always maintained she wanted to at least reach the 10-year milestone.

As auditions for the 10th series of BGT got underway in London on Friday, Amanda told reporters she has no intention of quitting after this series.

"Simon is amazing to me and, to be honest, he's said as long as the show’s going, I'm on it, so I ain't going anywhere,” she said. "I should get that in writing actually from him – remind me to get a contract."

Amanda said her standout moment from the past 10 years of BGT was the discovery of Susan Boyle. She said: “It created television history, which every show tries to mimic and tries to recreate. But it wasn’t a creative moment, it was organic and it was when Twitter suddenly took off. People in America saw it and it went viral. It went mad!"

Amanda also admitted that she 'didn't quite understand' the controversy surrounding Jules & Matisse's BGT win last year. “It’s not like a human dressed up in a dog outfit and got on the tightrope, is it? It was still a dog – he was just doing his mate a favour!"

Britain's Got Talent returns to ITV in the spring.

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