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AM JOY 7/1/17 (MSNBC) Trump & The Morning Joe War / Flynn&Russia Probe / Health Care Bill

Earlier in the week Joy Reid interviewed DNC Chairmen Tom Perez to get his response to the letter urging the DNC to put more black women in leadership positions. A panel joins Joy to discuss.


Jay Sekulow is Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and has been making the rounds on different news outlets, but there may be something you don’t know about him and his businesses.


President Trump endorsed a Republican senator’s plan to repeal Obamacare first, and replace it later. What that could mean for millions of Americans.

Donald Trump’s gendered attack against a cable news host again raised questions about his treatment of women.

The Wall Street Journal reports that a GOP operative sought Hillary Clinton emails from hackers and implied a connection to Mike Flynn.

Joy Reid's panel discusses the importance of July 4th and how we express patriotism under the Trump presidency.


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