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almost human adads almost sss

Season 1 Episode 9


The enemy rebuilds and releases a decommissioned fem-bot......


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almost human ss

Dorian leads a class on a field trip to tour. John interferes, asking if the kids wants to see what happens to the bad guys. He shows them a picture of a crime boss with his arm cut off, causing one kid to puke.

Late at night, a woman buys flowers then, as she's walking away, she is mugged by a man in a mask. She turns her purse over immediately but when someone shouts, he shoots her anyway.

The mugger runs but is quickly pursued and surrounded by cops. When the mugger raises his gun, the police shoot him. When the mask is taken off, it's revealed the mugger isn't a man -- it's a service bot that has been reprogrammed to commit crime.

Two MXes bring the service bot to the evidence locker and leave it. Once it's inside, it turns on again. It's riddled with bullets but still functional. It finds a classified evidence box containing the bot head of a woman. It scans her eyes, loads up on weapons and ammo, replaces its head and walks out, killing the evidence clerk on the way.

Later, watching the surveillance footage both Maldonado and John recognize the bot as an XRN (Gina Carano). The head has been in evidence for two years. The mugger was caught on purpose to end up in evidence to steal the head. The police go into full alert mode, saying a loose XRN is nothing sort of a terrorist threat. John suggests the XRN might be going for the Wall and could be the work of InSyndicate.

Dorian is stumped to find no record of the XRN in his files. "As long as she's out there, a lot of people are going to die," Maldonado explains.

The XRN shoots a cab driver to steal his car.

John explains the XRN was expunged from police files. Not long after the DRNs (like Dorian) were integrated into the police force, they couldn't handle it. They became erratic, some even killed themselves. Lumacorps, the company that made them, was immediately in financial trouble. So the owner took the DRNs and remade them into more soldier than police officer. The XRNs were unveiled in a demo downtown with a bunch of big wigs in attendance. "Let's just say, it didn't go well," John says. By the second day they set up a triage outside the building where they were barricaded and 26 cops died trying to assault the building. By the third day they had thrown everything they had at it and finally got inside the building.

There was only one XRN behind everything, and only her head was left. Now it's back out on the street.

Rudy examines the service bot's original head and reports it was ingeniously redesigned to have a hidden secondary power source, which is why the officer's thought they had disabled it and it was still able to turn on.

That means the XRN is on an old service bot body and will need to get a new one.

The XRN busts into a warehouse where sex bots are laid out under plastic. She rips the head off one and gets a new bustier-wearing body.

She hears a noise and turns with her gun drawn. The man (John Larroquette) recognizes her as Danica.

Later, John and Dorian are on the scene. Nigel Bernard is the warehouse owner. The man who ran into Danica got away with just a scratch.

Dorian sees the man (Larroquette)and knows he's not Bernard. He recognizes him. The man is excited to see Dorian and inspects him. He's Nigel Vaughn, the founder of Lumacorps -- he changed his name to Bernard.

Nigel is tickled to see Dorian is a cop.

Danica punches out a man in a parking garage, then removes his eyeball.

Nigel tells them Danica wanted him to take her to his lab, but he explained he doesn't have one. He no longer has a license to create robots, he just fixes them.

He can't imagine who could have programmed her to break out, but he suggests if he has his old lab equipment he might be able to track her.

Danica takes the plucked eyeball to Powerstone Processors and uses it to enter the lab, where she kills a researcher. She breaks into the vault and finds what she's looking for.

John and Dorian take Nigel to Rudy's lab, where he addresses Nigel as "your highness." They look through Nigel's old equipment which has been brought to the lab. He looks for a case and finds small vials containing his "synthetic souls." Dorian is troubled that he might share traits with the XRN.

Paul calls John to tell him that Danica stole 500 ZNA processing cores, which could be used to make more XRNS. "Someone's building androids," John concludes.

John and Dorian meet with a scientist name Luther Estes who looks at the service bot's head and diagrams and says some of the technology used is still in the theory stage, but it eschews convention. He thinks it's someone young, but dismisses the idea it could be someone on the other side of the wall, because no one this smart would stay there -- at least not willingly.

In Rudy's lab, Nigel finds what he was looking for to try to track Danica. Rudy commends him for his invention of Dorian and the DRNs. He wonders if the fact he was desperate when he created Danica ended up in her.

While Danica is stopped at a light in her cab, a woman gets in and barks directions. Danica is about to pull her gun when the woman's young daughter tells Danica she's pretty. She reholsters her gun.

At the station, Rudy is able to trace Danica using the method Nigel devised. Nigel gives John an EMP spike to impale in the back of Danica's skull and hopefully disable her.

They trace Danica to a gala, where she has homed in on her target, Councilman James Hart.

John and Dorian calls ahead to the building but hear shots fired as Danica storms in. They reach tbe building with teams of MXes and go in, but Danica blasts everything in sight while staying focused on Hart.

Back at the station, Vaughn is nearly sick over the idea that his creation is killing people again. They suggest he go wait in the conference room.

At the gala, John sneaks up on Danica and drive the EMP spike into the back of her head. But it has no effect.

At the station, they run to get Nigel, but he's disappeared.

John escapes his encounter with Danica with only a few punches.

Dorian confronts her. When he asks why she's doing this, she says her "sacrifice is necessary." Dorian and Danica fight but she gets the better of him, skewering him on a piece of rebar.

At the station, they have no video feed and don't know what's going on.

Danica pulls Dorian off the rebar and is about to shoot him when John whacks her with a post. She quickly gets the upperhand on John and beats him to a pulp. She has him around the neck, but he laughs. He tells her he has the pin to her grenade.

He kicks her with his synthetic leg, sending her flying and out of range when her grenade explodes.

Later, they discover that Councilman Hart was in favor of decommissioning the DRNs and replacing them with MXes.

Rudy goes back to his lab to find the synthetic souls are gone. Nigel walks down the street with the case. He finds the ZNA processors in a trash bin where Danica put them. A service bot picks Nigel up.

They're scouring the city for Nigel but haven't found him. Maldonado is concerned about Dorian.

"It must be a hell of a thing to meet your maker, to be betrayed by him," John says.

Dorian tells John what Nigel said he did differently on Danica's synthetic souls and his: nothing. John assures Dorian he's not like Danica or Nigel.

John realizes what Nigel really wants to do is create more robots. Dorian suggests the best off-the-radar place to do so is over the wall, but Maldonado and John don't think Nigel is crazy enough to do it.

Cut to Nigel getting out of a van with his robot parts at the Wall. He whistles and a rappelling line comes over the side. He straps in and zooms up the side.

almost human sds

almost human ssssss

almost human ssss


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