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Season 1 Episode 11


When future smart homes go bad, they can be deadly.....


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Rudy runs diagnostics on Dorian while he sleeps. Suddenly Dorian wakes up and Rudy tries to hide what he was looking at. Dorian was charging then woke up on Rudy's table. Rudy insists he was just doing routine maintenance.

John tells Rudy that Detective Paul had to have surgery for an infected piercing in his man bits.

When they leave, Rudy looks at the image from Dorian's files of a child playing with a toy. He sees an error message.

Michael Bennett comes home to his Synturion protected house. His wife Linda is meditating. She's concerned about threats they're receiving about the death of a boy, Aaron Kasdan, at their house a year ago. He suggests Linda have their hologram Sam give her a mood stabilizer, but she goes for a swim instead.

While Sam watches over Linda in the pool, the stock reports Michael is watching turn to news reports about the death of Aaron, exactly a year ago. As Linda swims, the pool cover closes over her. Michael shouts at Sam to stop it but the security system does nothing.

Michael breaks through the house's glass door when Sam won't open it and uses something to try to break through the pool cover. His security system identifies him as a threat with a weapon as he frantically tries to reach Linda. He ends up getting shot over her as she drowns.

At the crime scene, Kennex tells a uniform that Paul is out for hemorrhoid surgery. The Bennetts died almost a year to the minute that the Synturion system killed Aaron in the very same house.
They don't think it was a simple malfunction. Maldonado wants to bring in Aaron's mom, who sued the Bennetts unsuccessfully.

Dorian leads the questioning of Sam, who is aware he was switched from auto to manual last night, but the record of who did it along with the security footage were erased. The Bennetts received 56,000 threats including 19,000 death threats in the past year.

Later, Dorian chides John for lying about Paul's absence. He's just taking a personal day, but John finds it mysterious. Dorian is still miffed Rudy poked around in his head, but John tells him it's just the price you pay for human connection.

At Synturion HQ, they meet a security bot version of Sam, who's being introduced to the market. Suddenly Dorian is frozen in place as images of the little boy Rudy was looking at flood over him.

It passes and they go on to meet Peter Newsom, Synturion's lawyer, and Kay Stinson, the CEO and woman who founded the company after she was assaulted in her own home as a 15-year-old. They insist they want to get to the bottom of the murders, especially with the new Sam bot about to hit the market. They mention a cyber-terrorist group called Disrupt who was vocal about Aaron's death.

John is harsh about the death of Aaron, who was shot by a Synturion laser-guided gun when he climbed into the Bennett's back yard.

At the station, Detective Stahl talks to Mrs. Kasdan, who says she was a vigil for her son at her church last night. Mrs. Kasdan insists she's not a murderer and took the company to court only to show people how dangerous the houses are. She says Newsom lied about her son and made him out to be a criminal. She doesn't know why he was sneaking into the Bennett's yard that night.

In the car, Dorian continues to see images of a young boy playing with a toy train. The images seem like him, but can't be because he was the child.

Suddenly, they notice the city start to go dark and building light up with the message: "Justice for Aaron."

Later at the station, Disrupt has claimed responsibility for the blackout. The police have warned other Synturion employees to turn off their smart houses. They've identified Crispin X as responsible, but don't know who that is.

Stahl, John and Dorian pay Rudy a visit. As a former hacker he recognizes the name as a cyber mercenary, not a member of Disrupt. He mentions the tradition of a giant party the night after a big hack.

Stahl and John head to the party in cyber punk disguise.
When they get there they find there isn't actually a party, it's a handful of people in a virtual reality party. They make their way to the back until they find Crispin X and arrest him.

Back in Rudy's lab, he theorizes that Dorian's system is making up the memory from fragments of things he's experienced. Rudy admits to Dorian that after he was decommissioned, Rudy used to wake Dorian up for "yodeling, holo-chess, the whole mail order bride debacle."

But Rudy erased the files when he learned Dorian was being put back on active duty. Dorian asks to have them, then assures Rudy that they're friends and he doesn't have to keep things from him. When Dorian leaves, Rudy clearly feels pained about something.

Back at the station, Crispin admits Disrupt hired him to cause the blackout to honor Aaron Kasdan, but they're not murderers.

Dorian brings news that Peter Newsom has been found dead.

At his smart house, Dorian theorizes the fire system was used against him. It's supposed to scan for signs of life before sucking out all the air.

John tells the paramedic that Paul is in the hospital due to an infection from his sexbot.

Dorian finds someone hacked the house to launch the fire suppression system. They find that Newsom received the same threatening email as Michael Bennett, with the same photo of Aaron Kasdan. It's from a social networking site, but they can't tell where. They think whoever sent it knew Aaron.

John takes the photo to Cripsin X back at the station and asks him to find the social networking tag on the photo in exchange for immunity.

Back at Crispin's place, he finds hidden files on Aaron's laptop, including the photo. The full version is him with a girl Dorian is able to quickly ID as Emily, and 18-year-old who was expelled from school more than a year ago. She moved to Arizona with her family shortly after Aaron died, but was reported missing a week ago.

Emily sends the same email to the last Synturion executive, Kay Stinson.

Crispin is impressed with Emily's coding skills but accesses her files and sees her records on the Synturion executives, including Kay.
John and Dorian head to Synturion and call Kay to warn her to lock down the building.

Crispin follows Emily's hacks and finds she has control of all the systems, including the Sam bot and life support. She's hacking from inside the building.

Dorian goes to find Emily and the server while John looks for Kay. She's hiding under a desk when a Sam bot comes looking for her.

Crispin overrides Emily and is able to disable the Sam bot temporarily. Kay gets away while the Sam bot lies on the floor, but then Emily reactivates him. She turns on all the Sam bots and launches the building's fire suppression system. Cripsin warns John and Dorian they have five minutes and then no air.

Emily sends the Sam bots after John while Dorian finds Emily in the server room. He tells Emily to drop the tablet but a Sam bot attacks him.

John asks Crispin to use the hologram system. He replicates John so the Sam bots have multiple Kennex targets.

He shoots two of them. In the server room, Dorian fights off the bot attacking him.

John kills the last remaining one before it can fire on Kay.

Emily gets the Sam's gun and threatens to shoot herself, knowing Dorian's programming won't allow it. She insists she's not the monster he thinks she is.

Crispin works disable the fire suppression system as time runs out.

Dorian talks to Emily, who breaks down crying and says Aaron was coming to see her the night he was killed. She lived near the Bennetts and was crossing through their yard.

Crispin restores the air with seconds to spare.
Later, at the station, an officer brings a donation for Paul's hemorrhoid surgery to Maldonado. She explains Paul took his mother to Mexico for a vacation and will be back Tuesday.

Stahl meets with Mrs. Kasdan and tells her about Emily. She shows her a photo mosaic of people Aaron knew online holding up messages for him in his memory, hundreds of people he was friends with, to let his mother know he wasn't alone.

In Rudy's lab, he tells John about shadow files he found in Dorian's processing core. It's not recorded data, they're organic memories from before he was reactivated. Rudy removed them and closed the insertion point so whoever did it won't be able to access him again.

Rudy doesn't want to tell anyone yet, including Dorian, because he might be decommissioned. "Somebody planted these images in Dorian's head for a reason. We need to find out why," Rudy says

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