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Allegiance - - Season 1

Allegiance (NBC) - "The Arrival" Full Episode & Recap

Victor spies on the Rezident, Alex reveals a big secret to Michelle, and Sam grows increasingly suspicious of the boy genius. Giancarlo Esposito guest stars.

The O'Connors review the blurry photo Fadi managed to get of Oscar Christoph in Italy. Alex wants to bring it to the task force so they can stop the triggerman before he enters the country, but his family knows they must get a name before outing themselves. They convince Victor to bug the Rezidentura as well as the Rezident's car to get more information on the operative. Victor's friend Dmitri is the Rezident's driver, so while Victor meets him for a drink, Natalie steals his keys and bugs the car with Dmitri none the wiser. Victor also manages to bug the Rezident's home - not an easy task. The O'Connors think their plan has worked, until Victor gets a call and finds the Rezident torturing Dmitri. He found the bug in his car and thinks Dmitri is the leak inside the SVR. Victor tries to stop him, but he's powerless. He watches as the Rezident shoots Dmitri in the head, knowing his friend's death is all his fault.

Sam, who's growing suspicious of Alex, confides in Faber, who doesn't share his concern about the boy genius. Sam then talks to Michelle about Alex's secrecy and unexplained absence in Italy, for which Michelle has an explanation: she and Alex are sleeping together. While Sam can't believe Alex scored someone so clearly out of his league, his suspicions about Alex are assuaged - for now.

Meanwhile, the O'Connors come up with a Plan B: inserting a fake file about the operative's arrival into the documents from Italy to alert the task force that Oscar is on his way without implicating themselves. Only, when the technicians comb through the SVR cache, they don't find the document. So Alex takes it upon himself to locate the document, but there's no trace of it. The mole must have erased it! Getting desperate, Alex goes to Michelle's apartment and tells her he saw the operative in Rome, but didn't tell anyone because of the mole. He planted the intelligence using her FBI login to tip off the task force anonymously. Michelle does not take the news well - she immediately pulls a gun on her boyfriend and accuses him of using her. He begs her to believe him and promises he will go get Fadi's photo to prove to her he's telling the truth. When Alex leaves, Michelle makes a phone call, and not long after is shot dead in her own home. Alex soon returns with the photo, to find her lifeless body on the floor of her living room. So who killed Michelle?

Allegiance - Season 1

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