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Airdate: The Aliens

About time we had a new sci-fi series, and The Aliens lands on ABC2 next week.

This 6 part series is set 40 years after aliens land in the Irish Sea and are reluctantly integrated into British society in the fictional city of Troy.

It stars Michael Socha, Michaela Coel, Ashley Walters. Jim Howick, Michael Smiley, Trystan Gravelle, Chanel Cresswell, Holli Dempsey, Shaun Parkes.

Written by Fintan Ryan (In the Flesh) it was produced for E4 and aired in the UK a year ago.

The aliens are here. And they look just like us. After they crash-landed in the UK forty years ago, attempts to integrate them into society failed. Now, these aliens – or ‘Morks’ as they’re known – are penned into a bustling ghetto called Troy. It’s a gangster’s playground of full-on parties and brutal violence, run by some very bad people. In Troy, anything can happen.

Lewis Garvey (Michael Socha) is a young border guard at the wall that separates humans from this rowdy favela. Here, aliens are tagged and allowed through to perform the most menial tasks – as long as they’re back where they belong by curfew. Lewis is buttoned down and bullied at work, but at least he’s got a job … unlike the rest of his family. Most people, including Lewis, think Morks are scum. So when he finds out he’s half-alien, his whole world is turned on its head.

9:10pm Wednesday on ABC2.

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