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Season 1 Episode 15

"Yes Men"

While Skye recoveries, the team sets to find and stop an Asgardian seductress by the name of Lorelei. For that, they will need the help of Sif, one of Thor's most trusted allies....

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The episode begins with Lorelei beginning her attempt to take over the world by taking control of a biker gang, and discarding her previous “suitor” by flinging him into a car in quite the fantastic display. From here, we pan back to the agents on the “Bus”, looking over Skye as she recovers from the shots to her stomach, thanks to the mysterious GH-325 from the previous episode. Ward discusses what Skye would like to do next, demanding that he starts training her so something like this doesn’t happen to her again anytime soon.

Coulson continues his search for Nick Fury. He returns to the gang to learn that an Asgardian energy signature has hit New Mexico, and they rush to the scene to discover that the Lady Sif, has arrived to hunt down the rogue Asgardian.

 Sif and the agents as they storm the restaurant where Lorelei is shacked up, after having the ill nicknamed Rooster (head of the biker gang) kill his screaming wife. Lorelei encounters Ward and places him under her control. Simmons demands they tell S.H.I.E.L.D. proper about the drug and Skye’s condition, and Coulson angrily refuses.

Lorelei and Ward proceed to take their attack to the “Bus”. Lorelei entrances all the men on board and shoots Sif out of an airlock.  Sif manages to take down Lorelei, and May does the same with Ward. Coulson and Skye determine that they’re going to need to discover the origins of the drug, nd not tell the team about it. We then see Agent May, who has been listening in the whole time, calls a mysterious person to tell them that Coulson knows!



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