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Adam steals cash from Tracy’s flower shop

A panicked Adam helps himself to £100 from the flower shop till to pay Ronan  and drives to  Ronan’s house in Ken’s car. However he’s surprised when Trina answers the door. Claiming to be an old friend of Trina’s, Adam offers Ronan the chance to make some cash by buying some drugs…

Spying Daniel looking lost in the medical centre, Rana lends a sympathetic ear as he confides about Sinead’s pregnancy. Rana advises them not to make a rash decision. Daniel’s alarmed to bump into Ken on the way out, will he confide in his dad?

Sally prepares a speech for her meeting with the building firm bosses, inviting a Gazette reporter to cover it but when the photographer recognises Rosie, they invite her to the Bistro for a chat.

Peter turns down Chloe’s invitation to come inside for a drink. Gemma thinks Cathy needs to understand the Kabab’s shop’s clientele and insists on taking her on a boozy night out.


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