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ACA looks to the stars

A Current Affair producer Grant Williams says next year the Nine show will be looking to include more celebrity interviews, particularly given The Project features personalities on a nightly basis.

The Project is more inclined to go with live content with celebrities, touring acts and stars and I think we need to get A Current Affair back into that space,” he told the Herald Sun.

Williams says it was important to let the big acts know that “we’re open for business” and leverage off Tracy Grimshaw’s interview skills.

“What I’d like to do next year is have a few more stars, a few more celebrity interviews back into the show,” he says.

“We’ve certainly got the eyeballs. We’re still rating very well. It has been a renaissance for A Current Affair at 7pm to be honest.”

In the past ACA has had big events such as its Ellen, Lady Gaga and One Direction specials.

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