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About a Boy - Season 2

ABOUT A BOY (NBC) - Watch the latest episode!

About a Boy - Season 2

"About a House for Sale"

When the move to New York looks final, Will and Marcus pull out the stops to find each other new best friends. Adrianne Palicki guest stars...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


With no royalty money coming in, Will has decided to sell his home and move in with Dr. Sam for good. But rather than pack for the move to New York in one week, he has fashioned sumo wrestler suits for himself and Marcus out of bubble wrap - time to rumble! Marcus asks if Will will do one last thing before he goes - find him a new best friend. Fiona has a favor to ask too. She wants to borrow Will's tools so that she can transform the dumbwaiter into a kombucha fermentation station. When Will offers to do it for her, Fiona refuses. She and Marcus don't need his help anymore.

Dr. Sam is concerned to learn Will hasn't packed, so she volunteers to fly out and drive a truck filled with Will's stuff back to New York. It's a dream come true for Will, so Dr. Sam books a ticket for two days hence instead of the week Will was counting on. Freaked out, Will shows up at school to put the new best friend plan into overdrive. When the field proves to be too nerdy even for Marcus, Will approaches Andy, who has several reasons why becoming Marcus' new best friend isn't a good idea. Will bribes Andy with his Video Village, complete with enormous TV and gaming station, so the deal is on... until Marcus says no dice. Refusing to be daunted, Will puts together a dating game setup, aka The Potential Friend Game, with the plan to have Marcus choose his new wing man. Skeptical, Fiona tells Will to take his head out of his ass, and instead, teach Marcus the skills he used to make new friends in New York. The only problem? Will has no new friends in New York. And truth be told, he barely sees Sam, because she's working all the time.

TJ, Richard and Andy gather in Will's apartment for The Potential Friend Game, and within minutes, Will is apoplectic with their lameness. That's when the doorbell rings. Dr. Sam is early, and she can't believe Will hasn't even started packing! Will explains: he can't leave for good until he's confident Marcus is set up with a friend. After all, Will knows something about being lonely, since he hasn't made friends in New York. Dr. Sam gets it, but if Will can't get packed up in a day, she's going to have to fly back to New York without him. Having overheard their conversation, Marcus tells Will he's decided to give Andy a trial as his new best friend. For his first task as best friend, Marcus wants Andy to help find Will a new best friend in New York. In the meantime, Will enlists all his west coast friends to help pack up his home in 24 hours. He's just telling Sam that he's been getting some pretty sick emails over the last few hours when two detectives knock on the door. Did Will post an ad online seeking sex with an underage boy? Marcus steps forward to take credit for the questionable ad, admitting he placed it so Will wouldn't be lonely - he only said "bi man" because he thought it meant bi-coastal...

That night, when all the packing is done, Will toasts his friends, who are, after all, his family. As for Marcus, Will won't be looking for his replacement in New York - because there's no way he'd ever find one. The next day, Will and Sam are on the road when she asks him to pull the truck over. She's been thinking about his toast... and his friends are his family - which is his life. As much as she loves Will, she can't take him away from the place where he's supposed to be. Back in San Francisco, Will lifts the dumbwaiter door, upending the stinky kombucha, to announce that he's home for good.

About a Boy - Season 2

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