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ABC Is Remaking Dirty Dancing As a Special-Event Musical

Scream QueensAbigail Breslin will star in a Dirty Dancing special-event musical for ABC, Entertainment Weekly reports. Breaking with the network trend, the three-hour production will (thankfully) not be live. No word on when it will air.

Breslin will, of course, star as Baby, the young rich woman who falls for a dance instructor and overcomes her trust issues enough to leap majestically into his waiting arms. No word yet on who will play her Swayze.

Original Dirty Dancing screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein will executive-produce ABC's production along with The Hunger Games' Allison Sheamur. The L Word's Jessica Sharzer will write the TV adaptation, Glee's Adam Anders and Peer Astrom will do the music, Hamilton's Andy Blankenbuehler will choreograph, and The Sapphires' Wayne Blair will direct.

If you think Breslin seems like an odd choice to play Baby, you're 100 percent right. But at least we know Breslin—who also starred in Little Miss Sunshine—can sell a dance routine.


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