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ABC Cancels Wicked City For Real

It took a while, but a network has finally canceled a series for realsies! ABC dropped the axe on the new anthology series Wicked City after three episodes, and has pulled it from its schedule effective immediately. This marks the season's first legitimate cancellation after a slew of "order trimmings" that kept shows on the air by setting an end date rather than immediately yanking it from the air.

This was an expected move by ABC even during this season of kindness by networks. The most recent episode delivered the fall season's worst rating for a series on the Big 4 networks, a paltry 0.4 rating in the 18-to-49 demographic, which was reportedly a tie for the lowest rating ever for a major network primetime series.

ABC says production on Wicked City will cease after completion of the eighth episode, which is currently in production. Repeats of Shark Tank will air in Wicked City's Tuesday night at 10pm slot.

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