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A Walking Dead Actor Posted Then Deleted a Potentially Major Season 8 Spoiler

If you're an actor on a major genre series like The Walking Dead, a good rule of thumb on social media is "mum's the word."

Fans of AMC's zombie hit tend to scour the interwebs for spoilers on pretty much a daily basis, and literally anything posted to Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram will be read for clues. And we mean anything -- a couple of us here at once theorized that Instagrams of Lauren Cohan at the beach during Season 7 filming meant that that Maggie would be killed by Negan.

Kingdom actor Daniel Newman probably didn't realize just how intense we the fandom are when he posted a shot of himself, Andrew Lincoln, and Hiltopper Jeremy Palko to his Instagram page this week, in a post that has since been deleted. (A screengrab can be viewed here.) The photo shows all three men hanging out at the Saviors' compound The Sanctuary, with Newman in full-on Kingdom battle gear. Since Lincoln's Rick Grimes hasn't been to The Sanctuary on Walking Dead to date, and filming on Season 8 started last week, this heavily suggests that Grimes' army will bring the fight to Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) front yard early on in Season 8.

Specifically, fans are speculating that a major battle from Robert Kirkman's comic books -- in which Rick Grimes shows up at the Sanctuary only to learn that Hilltop's slimy leader Gregory (Xander Berkeley) beat him to it -- will go down during or close to the Season 8 premiere. It's not a surprise that this is happening, but it is a spoiler.

But even if it doesn't happen quite like this, we know one thing's for sure -- Newman will be a whole lot more careful with his Instagram account moving forward.

The Walking Dead returns for its eighth season in October.

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