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A toddler has a fit - Ambulance: Episode 5 Preview - BBC One

A call comes in from a terrified mum who has found her toddler fitting.

The air ambulance is dispatched to a woman who has fallen down the stairs and is struggling to breathe. While on the trauma desk, critical care paramedic Fay receives a call from a crew requesting the air ambulance attend a road accident, but with the only available helicopter on their way to the first patient, Fay faces a tough decision.

In Staffordshire, Helen and Julie are sent to a teenager who has been punched, but on their way to hospital they discover he's homeless.

While crew Ben and Sophie attend an elderly woman, reports of a hanging come in, but with no sign of a patient, the staff must decide if the call is a hoax. As the shift enters the early hours, Ben and Sophie are just finishing with a patient when a call comes in from a mum whose toddler is fitting - the closest available crew is over 18 minutes away, so Ben and Sophie volunteer.

While the pubs and bars empty, 999 calls begin to pour in and Helen and Julie are sent to a suicidal woman who is far from home and in desperate need of help.

Ambulance: Episode 5 Preview - BBC One

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