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A to Z

A TO Z (NBC) - Watch The Series Premiere!

A to Z

"Series Premiere: A is for Acquaintances"

In the series premiere, online dating marketer Andrew has a chance encounter with Zelda, the girl he's sure is "the one." [button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Perhaps it's true that opposites attract. Why else would Zelda, a self-assured, practical lawyer, ever have anything to do with a hopeless romantic like Andrew, a mid-level marketing manager who just happens to work next door? Welcome to the chronicle of their romance, all eight months, three weeks, five days and one hour of it. Will they live happily ever after - or crash and burn? That's the story of A to Z.

We meet Zelda as she storms through the door of Andrew's company, Wallflower, an online dating app. She has anything but romance on her mind; in fact she's there to lodge a complaint. It seems her best friend Stephie set her up with an account and profile on Wallflower; the app seems to have horribly mismatched her. She waits at reception for an appointment. But as fate would have it, who should come to greet her but Andrew and his co-worker (and roommate) Stu. Has Cupid just landed an arrow? According to Stu, the answer is a definite yes; he immediately starts feeding pickup lines to Andrew, who has the good sense to dismiss him and walk Zelda over to the relationship labs for her interview. But Zelda wonders aloud: have she and Andrew met before?

Andrew paces outside the lab door, hoping to corner Zelda when she's finished, but it's no use; the oh-so-intriguing girl has left through the back exit. Forlorn, Andrew returns to his desk and answers a phone call - from Zelda! He looks out the window up to the adjacent office building and sees her staring down at him from her office; perhaps that's where they've seen one another before?

The two acquaintances get just a little closer: friending each other on Facebook, following each other on Twitter and Pinterest. Finally Andrew works up the courage to ask Zelda out for a drink. The two sit in a swanky Hollywood bar and make small talk, until Zelda notices a familiar song playing on the house sound system. She Shazams the tune and confirms it's by a band that she loathes; her old boyfriend dragged her to see them at the Avalon two years ago. Suddenly Andrew is flushed. He was at that very show and remembers spotting a girl in a silver dress, a girl of his dreams, a girl who looks exactly like Zelda.

He tells Zelda about his attempt to approach the girl that night, about her silver dress and his memory of his on-the-spot fantasy of their life together. That they're reunited now must be destiny. "This is the kind of story people tell their kids," he gushes to her.

Zelda's emotional deflector shields go up in full force. It's too much of everything too soon. She tells Andrew she wasn't the girl he saw that night and that she doesn't even own a silver dress. Zelda thanks him for the drink, extends her hand and tells him they should just be friends. Then Zelda walks off, leaving a bewildered and heartsick Andrew alone.

Later, Andrew tells Stu all about the date and his deep-seated certainty that Zelda was indeed the woman in the silver dress that night. Stu's dubious. He reminds Andrew how he's prone to fixate on conspiracy theories (like the mythical hoverboard of "Back to the Future II" fame). But Andrew's not budging: Zelda's the one. He's so convinced that he enlists the help of two programmers from work, Dinesh and Lora, to take Zelda's Wallflower profile and work backwards to find online evidence of her at the concert that night.

Back at work, Zelda gets a romantic update from her pal Stephie about Stephie's newest man, a jazz musician named Scatman Desmoines. It was fate that brought together, she explains to a doubtful Zelda. Stephie reminds Zelda that she must open her heart if she's to ever have any luck finding love. Frustrated, Zelda heads downstairs to lunch, where she's met in a vendor's line by none other than Andrew.

Zelda begins to apologize for overreacting on their date, but before she can really express herself, here come an excited Lora and Dinesh to accost Andrew. They've found some online pictures proving Zelda was at the club - but she was wearing a red dress and they can only find evidence of her being there the second night of the concert, not the first (when Andrew attended). Zelda overhears their report and goes ballistic: Andrew's a stalker! Stephie joins them in line and then moments later Stu appears, or should we say "Scatman," the jazzman persona he adopted to successfully bed Stephie. Stu does his best to vamp, but Zelda outs him and Stephie promptly hurls a soda at Stu.

Later, Stephie tells Zelda that she's as disgusted by Andrew as she is by Stu. She's ready for the two of them to swear off cads like this. But Zelda's having second thoughts about Andrew. "He just was trying too hard," she rationalizes.

We cut to a night scene where Andrew is toiling away, alone, at his desk. Zelda, also working late, screws up her courage and calls him. Would he like to go for a spontaneous drink? He tells her she needs to stay away from him, that there's something wrong with him. Finally she can't hold her secret any longer: she was in fact at the concert in a silver dress, on the first night. Andrew's memory of the night comes back in a heartbeat: a beautiful girl, in a shimmering dress, a longing look at him.

Zelda tells him she's a terrible person and confesses that she has trouble getting close to people (blaming her flaky mom, who divorced her dad), but is wiling to try again. They meet downstairs beside a giant fountain. She asks him to give her another chance. His response? A long, lasting kiss on the lips. For the girl of his dreams, he's ready to give up all the chances he'll ever need.

A to Z

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