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"B is for Big Glory"

Though he's fallen hard for Zelda, Andrew remembers he has a date on the books with a co-worker...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


After a long and magical night spent talking, walking and talking some more, Andrew and Zelda seal their new relationship with a prolonged kiss. It's a glorious start of what has the markings of a beautiful friendship - and more.

Andrew returns to the office with a song in his heart and in his head. That song happens to be the theme music from "This Week in Baseball" - a glorious reminder of his youth. It's not the first time. In fact, the song is what Andrew calls his "Big Glory" music, the accompaniment to those finest of moments when he is absolutely on top of the world. Our boy has fallen head over heels for Zelda and he's got the soundtrack to prove it.

Andrew's lifelong pal Stu sees the glassy look in his buddy's eyes and worries that his friend might be in the deep water. He cautions Andrew about moving too fast, to absolutely no avail.

But Andrew's bliss is broken when he realizes he has a pre-standing date with Brooke, a co-worker. Stu counsels Andrew to keep his date, keep the mystery, keep his options open, but Andrew's strictly nonplussed. Still, he realizes that Brooke's a bit fragile and that cancelling the date might set her into an emotional tailspin, so he agrees to keep it, but feels compelled to tell Zelda about it. Stu's appalled.

Andrew calls Zelda and apprises her of his situation. It's an honest admission, one that she outwardly takes in stride (they have been on only one date, after all) before quickly countering that she too has a date tonight. It's a lie. As soon as she hangs up the phone, Zelda put her jealousy into action, commissioning Stephie to find out as much she can about Brooke and quickly arranging a date with Mike, a vapid but hunkish co-worker.

Meanwhile, Big Bird is ready to test the latest iteration of the Wallflower app. She encourages everyone to evaluate their co-workers via the app and then indicate which ones they'd be interested in by "tapping" their pictures. The law of unintended consequences kicks in shortly thereafter, with co-workers hooking up left and right. Wallflower's head of HR, Howard, had warned her about this (despite his own crush on his boss). But Big Bird can only smile - the app is working.

Andrew suffers through his date with Brooke. Remembering that he added Zelda in his contact list for his Waze traffic app, Andrew realizes that he can track Zelda's location and therefore where she's headed on her date. Stu takes on the reconnaissance assignment and discreetly sits at the bar of the bistro where Zelda and Mike are also suffering through their date. When Stu reports that Zelda and Mike are leaving their restaurant early (apparently unhappily), Andrew curtails his own date and heads over to Zelda's apartment. When a shirtless Mike opens the door (he's been giving workout demonstrations to a very uninterested Zelda, who's in the bathroom), Andrew assumes the worst and drives off.

Andrew's distraught: how could the woman who's inspiring his "Big Glory" music really be seeing someone else? He arranges a coffee date with Zelda. Stu tells him plainly: don’t ask her about her date - it will reveal him as weak, powerless and desperate. Stephie tells Zelda the same thing: sharing details is a bad idea, even if nothing happened between her and Mike.

Andrew and Zelda chitchat over coffee until Zelda can no longer contain herself: she blurts out to Andrew that he only reason Mike was at her apartment was because he needed something notarized. Andrew's incredibly relieved and tells Zelda nothing happened on his date either. Whew! Andrew takes it a step further and reveals that he hears majestic music in his head whenever he thinks of her. Zelda's caught off guard; all she can manage in response is to thank him politely. Awkward.

Back in her office, Zelda tells Stephie about the painful exchange. Stephie scolds her for not reciprocating her feelings to Andrew somehow; she knows her friend has a hard time getting close to others for fear of finding herself vulnerable. Stephie hands Zelda a package that Andrew dropped off for her. Inside, Andrew's crafted a personalized bicycle license plate, spelling out her name. He made it by combining several other nameplates into one. It's a thoughtful gift; Zelda had complained that throughout her whole life she's never been able to find her own personalized license plate. Now Andrew's made her one.

Zelda marches down to Wallflower and bursts into Andrew's office, license plate in hand. She tells him that she loves it - and that she loved it when he confessed to her about his "Big Glory" music. And then the big news: "I don't want to see other people," she tells Andrew, before adding seriously, "But no more games." Andrew agrees. They are officially exclusive! Zelda walks off, her own "Big Glory" playing in her head.

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