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A Current Affair story triggers $2.5B lawsuit

A software developer at the centre of fraud allegations on A Current Affair is seeking damages of $2.4B in the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Kyle Hodgetts claims his products and reputation have been hurt by the actions of A Current Affair and two other defendants named in the lawsuit, Mumbrella reports.

He claims ACA‘s story alleging overdue rental payments, fraudulent tenancy applications and various name changes led to the subsequent derailing of his career. A video game titled ‘Virtual Earth Online’ and technology landscape tool ‘Evolution Based Artificial Intelligence’ were unable to be released because of the damage caused to his reputation.

“Hodgetts, who spent years developing cutting-edge video game and artificial intelligence technologies claims his pioneering developments have been frozen as a direct result of the defendants’ actions,” a statement said.

He also claims to have endured years of abuse and internet trolling as well as being a victim of robbery and vandalism, following the report.

Nine declined to comment.

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