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"The Tangible Affection Proof" –  While the guys try to give their significant others the perfect Valentine’s Day, Raj and Stuart throw a “lonely people” party at the comic book store, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Feb. 14 (8:00 – 8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Sheldon (Jim Parsons). Photo: Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. ©2013 Warner Bros. Television. All Rights Reserved.

The Big Bang Theory Creators Are Developing A Sheldon Prequel Spin-Off

We're finally going to find out what happened before the Big Bang.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Big Bang Theory creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady and executive producer Steve Molaro are developing a spin-off prequel series that would focus on young Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons).

The prequel, which has not been confirmed by the network, CBS, or the studio, Warner Bros., is said to be described by insiders as "Malcolm in the Middle but with a young and potentially teenage version of Sheldon," according to THR. Unlike The Big Bang Theory, it is being developed as a single-camera series with no laugh track. None of of the cast members from The Big Bang Theory are said to be involved.

The spin-off comes as The Big Bang Theory is in the last year of its three-season deal. The cast is negotiating new contracts for an eleventh season and beyond. Stars Parsons, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki are already the highest-paid actors on TV and salaries for everyone in the cast are only going to go up as the show continues. The Big Bang Theory will likely continue indefinitely as it's still the most popular comedy in the 18-49 demographic -- CBS president Glenn Geller said in August "We are very confident that everyone involved wants more Big Bangpast year 10 and I know Warner Bros. will make those deals" -- so this spin-off seems to be Warner Bros.' way of opening up alternate TBBT revenue streams rather than planning on how to keep profiting off the Big Bang name once the flagship ends.

Lorre, Prady and Molaro told THR in 2013 that they couldn't imagine doing a spin-off, but apparently their minds have changed.

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