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7 Shows That the Golden Globes Might Snub (Yes, Including Game of Thrones)


No one loves new shows more than the Golden Globe Awards, but in order to make room for the newbies, some of the oldies have to go. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has no problem dropping you like a bad habit -- even when you're the reigning champion -- which is, frankly, what makes the Globes so fun. The turnover rate is high, so no one is safe.

So which vets might be in danger of not making the cut on Dec. 12?

1. Game of Thrones
This probably won't happen, but don't be shocked if it does. Game of Thrones will rule the Emmys until it's over, but it has never been the HFPA's cup of tea. After nominating the show and awarding Peter Dinklage for Season 1, the Globes dropped both the next two years before bringing back the show the past two cycles. That means Thrones' Golden Globes nomination haul is a grand total of four -- and Dinklage's win remains the only acting nomination the show has ever received. Could voters feel pressured into awarding the show? Sure, but shows rarely win their first series prize late into their runs at the Globes, with the exception of Breaking Bad, which won for its final season. That was a case where the little show that could became too big to ignore, and the Globes didn't want to look stupid. Thrones has always been big and the HFPA has always been like, "Meh." You kind of get the sense that they feel like Dinklage's win is enough. And now with Westworld in the mix, they can focus on crowning the next big thing.

2. Mozart in the Jungle
Mozart is the defending champ in comedy series and actor for Gael Garcia Bernal (the HFPA loves pairing series winners with an acting win), but it's the most susceptible to the Globes' "won and gone" game. For the past three years, the Globes has dropped a reigning series and acting champ from that same show. Last year, it was The Affair and Ruth Wilson (Maura Tierney, however, was nominated and won). Before that, it was Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Andy Samberg, and before that, Homeland, Damian Lewis and Claire Danes suffered the same fate (although that was for the disastrous Season 3, so, valid). If the HFPA had to choose one to snub between Mozart and defending drama series champ Mr. Robot (which also earned Christian Slater a trophy), it's going to dump the surprise champ that has no buzz anywhere else, not a hot show that just won Rami Malek an Emmy.

3. Empire
Empire premiered days before the Globes ceremony in 2015, which means the HFPA had to wait a whole year to get in on that. It was nominated for drama series last year and Taraji P. Hensonwon drama actress (she may make the cut this year -- having a film, Hidden Figures, in contention also helps), but the show has crossed the "hot mess" line into "not in a good way" territory. Hell, it started last year, but at least its shot-out-of-a-cannon Season 1 also aired in 2015, sort of justifying the nomination last year. Now that voters have marked that off, they can move on, especially with so many new, hotter shows in the mix.

4. Transparent
The Globes has so much turnover not only because voters love freshman shows, but because they also like to spread the wealth. You rarely get sweeps by one show at the Globes. The HFPA likes to make sure that every network is happy with a nod or a win here or there. The Globes clearly loves Amazon, but it could easily shun Transparent, which won comedy series and comedy actor for Jeffrey Tambor two years ago, in favor of Amazon newbies Fleabag and One Mississippi to fill that quota.

5. Orange Is the New Black
Orange will likely hang on to the "Netflix slot" in comedy series, but it could very well get squeezed out because of the fresh blood in the form of FX's Atlanta, HBO's Insecure and Divorce, the latter of which stars Globe darling Sarah Jessica Parker, and the aforementioned Fleabag and One Mississippi.

6. Veep
Veep is the two-time defending comedy series champ at the Emmys, but the Globes is basically allergic to it. Last year was the first time the show was even nominated for comedy series -- you know it was because the HFPA didn't want to look dumb for never nominating an Emmy winner -- and Julia Louis-Dreyfus has never won a Globe for the show (the only major trophy she's missing for playing Selina Meyer). Plus, it has internal competition from Insecure and Divorce. Maybe the current U.S. political climate will inspire The Globes to keep the biting satire, which had its best season yet this year. For all its fickleness, the HFPA does have an eye for quality: Unlike the Emmys, it nominated The Good Wife for its spectacular, resurgent fifth season.

7. Narcos
You don't even remember this happened, do you? The crime drama and star Wagner Mourascored surprised nods last year, but expect them to fall to the wayside with fresher, buzzier Netflix options at the ready: Stranger Things and The Crown.

The Golden Globe nominations will be announced Monday, Dec. 12. The award show airs Sunday, Jan. 8 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT on NBC.

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