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Week 9 of Amazing Race Canada: Wrestling with catfish, turbans … and each other

Week 9 of Amazing Race Canada: Wrestling with catfish, turbans … and each otherCREDIT: CTV ::: CAPTION: Wrestlers Nick Foti, left, and Matt Giunta read a clue on Amazing Race Canada.


Well, wouldn’t you know it?

Our favourite second- and third-place team, wrestlers Nick and Matt, finally get that “elusive hot start” and win a leg, thanks their skills as … wrestlers!

The two dominate the Delhi, India leg, in which they wrestle with live catfish, turbans … and then each other.

They start off by transporting 20 catfish — each — in baskets, trying not to lose any of the jumping wrigglers in the process. BAM!

Then, at a Roadblock, Matt must wrap three different turbans on men’s heads. WHAM!

Lastly, at the Detour, they chose to Slam It, which requires Nick and Matt to perform a series of seven traditional wrestling poses. THANK YOU, MA’AM!

While they breeze through all three tasks in first place, they only narrowly beat Gino and Jesse to the pit stop at Humayun’s Tomb. In fact, the two teams seem to run by each other as they search for host Jon Montgomery and the mat.

“This is the biggest weight lifted off our shoulders,” says Nick.

Here’s how the rest of the teams fared:

3. Simi and Ope. The daughter-father team uncharacteristically find themselves near the front of the pack for the catfish and turban tasks, then make a potentially fatal decision at the Detour. The two try to wrestle, but Ope strains his back, forcing them to head to Spice It, which requires teams to grind a certain amount of red chilli peppers into “devil dust,” as Sean refers to it. By the time Simi and Ope finish the challenge, they’re actually in fifth place — but they get a bit of taxi luck and make it to the pit stop just seconds before Leilani and Dujean.

4. Leilani and Dujean. After finishing the last leg in first place, this one is a bit of a disappointment. They seem to finish each task in either third or fourth spot.

6. Brent and Sean. Not only do these two struggle with all of the tasks, they don’t have much luck with cabs. They’re the last to get one after they land at the Delhi airport, and later on in the race, another one of their taxis gets stuck in traffic on the way to the pit stop. Oh, and did I mention poor Sean repeatedly barfs out of a tuk-tuk?

Anyhow … the two end up last at the pit stop, but luckily for them, it’s a non-elimination leg! Of course, Jon initially makes Brent and Sean think they’re goners, then they bawl with happiness when he tells them the truth.


Next leg: Penticton, B.C.

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