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What to Watch Tonight: The Season Finales of Tyrant and Scream, the Season 3 Premiere of Drunk History, and Playing House

What to watch on Tuesday, September 1...

In Their Own Words
Some of the 20th century’s most noteworthy nabobs are profiled in this new biography series, in which episodes are shaped around the subject’s most memorable quotations. First up: a look at the life and more than six-decade-long reign of Queen Elizabeth II, including her experiences during World War II and the abdication of her Uncle, King Edward VII.

9pm, TNT
Rizzoli & Isles
In “5:26,” a dead woman turns up with a balloon of cocaine in her stomach and an old watch in that balloon, like a Russian nesting doll of evidence. As the investigation proceeds, ascertaining that watch’s significance becomes critical to keeping Jane and her loved ones safe.

9pm, CBS
The team jets off to Zambia to retrieve the leopard DNA needed for the cure, though I’m sure there’ll be a miniboss fight against an agitated antelope. Elsewhere in “Emotional Contagion,” Chloe makes a sacrifice to prevent further violence.

9pm, Syfy
Face Off
A Spotlight Challenge in “Extraterrestrial Enterprise” involves the retro aliens created for a Foundation Challenge, since they were already under contract for the season anyway.

“Pax Abbudin” closes the season with the country in flux, Jamal’s future unclear, and the national Magic 8-Ball stubbornly refusing to give a straight answer about either. While Barry encourages Rami to help see the transition through, Leila strikes a deal with the Arab League to secure a place for her and Ahmed.

The killer’s identity comes out in the appropriately titled “Revelations.” But the threat isn’t over yet, as Emma must hurry to save another loved one from a stabby fate.

10pm, USA
Playing House
“Kimmewah Kup” pits Maggie and Emma against their old nemeses, the Custerman twins, during a weekend getaway. But someone else winds up crashing the party, much to Maggie’s vexation.

10pm, BET
Real Husbands of Hollywood
Kevin inadvertently ingests drug-laced candy in “Hart Medication,” probably because he didn’t heed every paranoid suburban mom’s warnings about trick-or-treating. His confectionary trip prompts Trina and the guys to send him to rehab.

10pm, TNT
Public Morals
Muldoon searches for his uncle’s killer in “Family is Family,” and vows to use his new spider-themed superpowers to fight crime. Meanwhile, Sean O’Bannon strikes up a romance with his best friend’s sister Deirdre, and Shea relishes a plum plainclothes assignment at an illegal casino.

10pm, NBC
Hollywood Game Night
With former Sunnydale denizens Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg on hand, there’ll be nothing to fear if Joe Jonas, Jeff Dye, Cheryl Burke, and Jenna Elfman turn out to be vampires.

SEASON 3 PREMIERE, 10:30pm, Comedy Central
Drunk History
The third season kicks off in New Jersey, where fossil discoveries spark a rivalry between paleontologists Edward Cope and Othniel Marsh, and where physicists Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson uncover clues about the Big Bang. Performers include Christopher Meloni, Tony Hale,Stephen Merchant, and Jason Ritter.
– Liev Schreiber, Elle Fanning, and Vince Staples on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 11:35pm, NBC
– Salma Hayek, Rami Malek, and Atlas Genius on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC

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