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Bones: Betty White Is Joining Booth and Brennan?!?

The Jeffersonian is getting its newest squintern—and its oldest!

Fox announced Thursday that the legendary Betty White will guest-star on an episode of Bones this season. White, who's fresh off wrapping the final season of Hot in Cleveland, will play Dr. Beth Mayer, who assists Booth and Brennan's team in (what else?) a murder investigation.

"With a half century of work under her belt, Dr. Mayer is without a doubt the world's most experienced forensic anthropologist, which will lead to some serious competition with Dr. Brennan," Fox teased in its press release.

The murder will be somehow related to fantasy football, a topic on which White's character is an expert. The episode will air some time in October.

Bones returns October 1 at 8/7c on Fox.

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