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Emmerdale’s Anthony Quinlan reveals his love life is nearly as bad as Pete Barton’s

Anthony Quinlan in Emmerdale
The actor split from his girlfriend earlier this year

Single Emmerdale actor Anthony Quinlan has admitted he often gets compared to his soap character Pete Barton.

In nail-biting scenes, the handsome star is about to marry his finance Debbie (played by Charley Webb) but she’s got a very different ideas.

And while no one's love life could be as bad as Pete's, Anthony is back on the shelf after splitting from his girlfriend earlier this year.

Talking about meeting someone new, he said: “People say I’m like Pete in many ways but luckily things are quieter for me personally."

He added to The Sun: "Of course I’d love to meet the right person and eventually I’d like to get married and start a family but there’s no rush. I’m still only 30."

ITVDebbie Dingle [CHARLEY WEBB] and Pete Barton [ANTHONY QUINALN] in Emmerdale
Debbie and Pete

The actor also revealed he doesn’t have a set type because he does like ladies who know how to have a laugh.

Anthony, who once dated Michelle Keegan, admitted that he gets chatted up a lot and recently he’s even had people kindly telling him that his on-screen wife has been going behind his back.

“Someone told me what Debbie was up to then invited me to stay at her house,” he said of one Emmerdale fan.

ITVDebbie Dingle [CHARLEY WEBB] and Ross Barton [MICHAEL PARR] in Emmerdale
Ross Barton and Debbie

Anthony and Debbie's wedding day is set to be explosive (literally) as the ITV soap will see several characters killed and many more injured following when the village hall is blown up.

A source recently revealed: "The writers felt it was time for a shake-up, so that is exactly what we are doing.

"The village hall felt a bit tired and run-down, so what better way to bring it into the 21st century than to blow it up?"

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