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Actor Stark Sands says ‘Minority Report’ (FOX) TV show is ‘muddy, dirty’ crime solving!

When Minority Report finally premieres on Fox, fans of Steven Spielberg’s Tom Cruise lead sci-fi action flick can look forward to a show that is jam packed with mystery and futuristic technology. The cast and crew of the upcoming show were caught up with, as they attended their first Comic-Con appearance. Read on to find out what the cast had to say about their characters and more below:

Fans of the original film will be happy to note that the television show acts as an official sequel to the film. When the show picks up ten years after events in the film, pre-cogs and using their visions to see future crimes being committed is now illegal because there was a flaw showing they weren’t always right. While viewers can expect to see both pre-cogs and humans working together to stop heinous crimes before they happen when the show premieres, one of the key plot points in the show is that the good guys will have to do all their vigilante work in secret.

“One of the things the movie told us is that they weren’t always right — there was a flaw — that was the Minority Report, which leads us into interesting territory because maybe there’s a few episodes where I see something and it isn’t actually gonna happen — maybe I’m the one who’s seeing the wrong thing this time,” actor Stark Sands who plays the pre-cog Dash explained. “It leads us down a path where we have to make a choice. We obviously wanna stop the murder but then we have to decide if it’s actually gonna happen or not. It’s fun, it’s muddy, it’s a little dirty, it’s not so clean cut.”

Dirty crime solving aside, one of the things the cast is most excited about is the futuristic technology they’ll be using to stop murders before they happen.

(FOX FANFARE AT SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON © 2015: L-R: MINORITY REPORT Cast member Stark Sands, Executive Producers Darryl Frank and Max Borenstein, cast member Laura Regan, Executive Producer Kevin Falls and cast members Wilmer Valderrama and Meagan Good during the MINORITY REPORT press line on Friday, July 10 at the FOX FANFARE AT SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON © 2015. CR: Frank Micelotta/FOX © 2015 FOX BROADCASTING)

According to actor Wilmer Valderrama who plays detective Will Blake on the upcoming sci-fi, the people on this show will be solving cases “based on technology that doesn’t exist [but] most likely exists.”

“We’re dealing with technology that will most likely exist in the crime work that you can’t even imagine. That to me is what’s really exciting. How do we crack a case that’s never been done before. How do you crack a crime that you’ve never seen executed before and how do you predict that? You’re not gonna ever be able to predict how this goes,” said Valderrama. “Leave it to Steven Spielberg to create a world where everything is possible.”

Want more Minority Report check out the exciting new trailer for the upcoming drama below:

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