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24 - LIVE ANOTHER DAY Review: Audrey!!! (FOX)


Season 1 Episode 12

"10:00 p.m.-11:00 a.m."

As the world teeters on a terror plot of mass proportions, Jack and the team reunite one last time to avert an imminent crisis. With no time left and the fate of free world on the line, Jack is faced with an unthinkable and grave decision...[button color="purple" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

Inside the episode...



Open with Cheng's sniper finishing off Xiao. Cheng tells her not to move from the bench.

Jack finds a secret cell phone in Anatol's office. Using his fingerprint to get in, he learns that a shipment is leaving the harbor that night. Jack also sees what is happening with Audrey. Cheng calls Jack and says that if he doesn't stop tracking him Audrey will die. Jack and Kate tell Boudreau they have no choice, that getting to Audrey is the only way to stop the war. The plan is for Jack to go the harbor and Kate to take out the sniper that's watching Audrey.

Heller arrives at the CIA station. He's updated by the admiral on their current state of military readiness. He orders the country's subs and silos on the highest level of alert.

Chloe limps along the side of the road before being picked up by good Samaritans. She calls Jack and tells him what happened. She wants to help and he agrees to pick her up.

Heller speaks with the Chinese president and tells him he'd like to avoid conflict. The Chinese president does not buy that Cheng is alive. Heller gives him a point at which he'll have no choice but to respond should the Chinese military get too close.

Jack picks up Chloe. She tells him Adrian manipulated her to build the device and she wants to make amends. He updates her on the operation with Cheng and what's happening with Audrey.

Kate is able to contact Audrey without Cheng or the sniper's knowledge. She has her draw the sniper's fire by making a sudden movement. It works and Kate is able to see the sniper's location. We learn that Cheng has authorized him to take out Audrey if anything unusual takes place.

Jack meets up with Belcheck at the docks and gets weapons.

Kate tells Audrey she's moving into position to take out the sniper.

Chloe connects to a satellite and helps Jack and Belcheck maneuver through and around various armed men. They get aboard the vessel on which Cheng is supposed to be leaving. Cheng's tech guys figures out that somebody is linking with the satellite. He sends out men to reinforce. Chloe tells Kate she has to move immediately.

Kate is able to take out the sniper and move Audrey to safety. She contacts the CIA and tells them Jack needs back-up.

Cheng's men spot Jack and Belcheck. Cheng orders the captain to start the engines.

On the way off the property with a secret service detail, Kate and Audrey are ambushed by a man with an automatic weapon. Audrey is hit in the chest and dies quickly.

While trying to decide if he should give the go-ahead for an attack if their perimeter is breached, Heller is pulled out of the room.

Kate calls Jack and tells him Audrey is dead. Jack hangs on and begins wasting Cheng's men with everything from an uzi to a butcher's knife. Jack finally makes his way to Cheng. At this moment the Chinese breach the perimeter. Jack calls the CIA station and they use facial recognition (along with his own admission) to confirm Cheng's idenity. As soon as the video link ends Jack decapitates Cheng with a samurai sword.

Heller asks the Chinese president to turn his ships around. He agrees, but wants to discuss reparations for the carrier. After Heller hangs up he's told that Audrey was killed by one of Cheng's men. Heller drops to the floor in full view of his military command.

Jack returns to where Chloe was working and finds her missing. There is blood nearby. He receives a phone call from somebody wanting to meet.

At the station Ritter tries to reassure Kate that there's nothing she could have done to save Audrey from a second shooter. She drops her gun and badge on a desk and grabs her jacket.

Ritter tells Boudreau he's to be being taken by military transport to the United States. Ritter tells him only that the president is boarding Air Force Once.

Davies consoles Heller as he watches his daughter's casket being take to a plane. Heller tells the prime minister matter-of-factly that because of his illness he won't remember any of this.

We see a helicopter land "outside London." An SUV rushes to the scene. Jack and Belcheck get out. Jack walks toward the chopper alone. Chloe is taken out by armed men. Jack yells "she walks first" and we see this is an exchange with the Russians. They pass one another and Jack tells her she is his best friend. They touch hands and he asks her to look in on his family when she is able. Jack is being brought to Moscow in exchange for the safety of Chloe and his family. Jack boards the plane, and is taken away.

Synopsis is courtesy of  Mike Saros/


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