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24 - LIVE ANOTHER DAY Recap: Now they believe Jack! (FOX)


Season 1 Episode 5

"3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m."

An unlikely duo joins forces to forestall an impending attack. The terrorist reveals her demands. The President orders a military lockdown, but it may be too late...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



We open with Jack in custody. The marine in charge is furious with Kate for taking control of his operation. The flight key is not in Jack's possession. Kate walks away and tells Chloe she has the flight key.

Kate tells Ritter she believes Jack is trying to stop Margot. She shows him the flight key and says it's on them to provide evidence of the impending attack. In the car Chloe talks Kate through resuming the upload, which needs another few minutes.

Margot talks to her now nine-fingered daughter. She tells Simone that she had no choice given what her husband was planning. Margot returns to Navid at the controls and he begs her not to hurt Simone again. The drones will be under their control in five minutes.

During the download Adrian spots the override code Yates had embedded in the code. They forward the evidence to Kate, who calls Jordan. With Navarro watching Jordan confirms this is proof Tanner's drone was hacked and there will likely be another attack.

Navarro calls Heller and tells him what Kate has found. Kate gets in the line and tells the president about Margot's role in the plot. Kate advises immediate action and Heller tells his general to ground all of the country's drones.

Margot sees this change of plan and orders Navid to begin the override. They are able to take control of six drones.

Heller is told the six drones could kill tens of thousands of people, more if they target nuclear facilities. And they cannot be detected, even by U.S. forces. Heller wants to speak with Jack and Boudreau says he's on the way. A meeting with Heller and Davies is put in motion.

Boudreau apologizes to Audrey for letting his feelings regarding Jack cloud his judgment.

Navarro briefs his team that they are now to focus on finding Margot and her son. Kate arrives and he takes her aside. He says the marine at the embassy filed a complaint and he now has to take her off their roster. Jordan pulls Navarro out of the meeting and shows him a message Margot just posted online. She tells of a U.S. drone operation that took out innocent children and says if Heller doesn't surrender himself to her thousands of people will die.

Julian and his team packs up to leave. Chloe wants him to stick around to help but it's falling on deaf ears.

The general shows Heller footage of the drone strike Margot referenced. It turns out most of the people killed were part of a radical organization run by her husband, but some innocents were killed in the process. Heller is upset with Boudreau for not telling him at the time children were killed. He responds that he was only protecting his president. Heller points out Margot is counting on him not turning himself at the deadline in three hours which will give her the cover needed to attack.

Jack arrives and Heller meets with him. He tells Jack about the drones and asks for some help. Jack tells Heller there is an arms dealer Margot might talk to. He thinks the only way that guy helps them is if Jack is put back into the field. Jack promises to surrender himself to authorities after the threat is neutralized, but Heller refuses. Jack won't give Heller the name unless he does it his way. Heller isn't budging yet.

Navid tells Margot the first drone will reach London in 14 minutes. He wants to be with Simone. She gives her permission.

Navid tells Simone they need to get her to a doctor. He says he planted a traceable signal in Margot's video and is leaving evidence of what he's done. He promises to help her get through this.

Jordan finds the IP address Navid planted. Navarro scrambles a team and plans to run point on the operation.

Audrey goes to see Jack. She tells him about the lead on Margot's location. Jack asks if she's happy and they nearly embrace. Jack tells her everything they said about him was true and says she needs to leave the room.

Heller meets with Davies. He tells him about losing contact with the drones. Davies is furious that he supported him on establishing a drone base and this is now taking place. Heller mentions their mission to grab Margot.

Kate calls Chloe and asks if she's see Margot's video. She wants help and agrees to give Chloe access to their server so she can view the original tape.

Margot and her son Ian tell Navid they know what he did to the video. She says they no longer need him to pilot and knock him unconscious. The house Navarro's team is headed for is a trap.

Chloe tells Julian she's helping Kate. He's not happy and says he won't help her.

Navarro's team arrives at the estate. With Heller, Davies and others everyone watching they begin advancing towards the target.

Navarro's team pushes inside the home just as Chloe tells Kate she's found evidence the IP address in the tape was a trap. Kate informs Navarro and they begin an abort.

During the evacuation Ian sends two drone missiles at the home. The residence is reduced to rubble.

Navid begs Margot for his life. Simone arrives and Margot tells him to asks his wife what she thinks. Simone says nothing and Margot shoots him in the head.



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