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24 - Live Another Day Recap: Margot blew up the Prez! (FOX)


Season 1 Episode 8

"6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m."

Jack Bauer and President Heller endure the unthinkable to thwart the terror attacks of Margot Al-Harazi. Meanwhile, Jordan faces a life-or-death struggle and Kate takes drastic measures to track down Margot before it's too late...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Open with Kate brining Simone to the CIA station's medical center. The doctor tells Navarro she won't be talking for awhile. She won't be stable for another hour or so.

Margot and Ian are packing up to change locations. Margot tells her son about the call from Heller. She tells him she's willing to destroy the drones if Heller surrenders, but he doesn't like the idea.

Kate calls Jack with an update on Simone. He tells her to push the doctor on getting Simone to talk, even if that means she'll die soon afterwards.

Navarro grabs his secure line and calls the man who shot Jordan. He orders him to make sure Jordan is dead. We then see an injured Jordan look down at his phone and see that it's destroyed.

Heller tells Jack that he's agreed to surrender himself to Margot's in exchange for her destroying the drones. He plans to turn himself over to her at Wembley Stadium in an hour. When Jack becomes concerned about negotiating with terrorists Heller shows him that he's resigning, effective just before he turns himself over. When Jack complains Heller tells him about his diagnosis. Jack agrees to help him get to the stadium and tells him they need help from one person to assist with secret service.

Heller tells Boudreau about the plan to turn himself over. He wants him to deliver a letter to the vice president after he's dead, something Heller thinks with make the transition smoother.

Jack tells Kate about Heller turning himself over. He says the only way to stop it from happening is to get info from Simone. Kate demands the doctor wake Simone up at gunpoint. Simone gives Kate Margot's address and tells her that Navid hid a disc in the floor. Kate sends a tactical team to the location.

Boudreau and Jack talk about the plan. Boudreau is worried about the fact that he isn't telling Audrey about what her father is planning.

Jack tells Kate to have the disc uploaded to Chloe as soon as it's recovered.

Heller meets with his daughter. They look at an old photo of the family together.

Boudreau gives Jack what he needs to get Heller out.

Jordan calls Navarro from a pay phone. Navarro tells him to stay where he is, then he calls the hit man and gives him the information.

Jack cuts a tracking device out of Heller's arm and the two men head out. Jack ends up having to knock out one secret service agent, but they are able to get to the street. They go to a helipad where Jack and Heller take off for Wembley.

Jordan is initially able to get the jump on the hit man. He knows that Navarro is responsible and demands to know why he wanted him killed. But the hit man turns the tables and stabs Jordan in the chest with a knife. Jordan is able to kill the man during the struggle.

The disc is recovered from Margot's former HQ and it's uploaded to Kate. Kate has it send to Chloe. She updates Navarro and says she doesn't know where Jordan is. Navarro plays dumb.

Margot orders Ian to prep the drones for destruction once Heller is dead. She wants the world to see that a "so-called terrorist" can keep her word.

Jack and Heller fly over Wembley. They land and Jack calls Chloe. She thinks the disc might have a way into Margot's system, but there are multiple firewalls and it could take her awhile.

Adrian calls Navarro, who assures him he's taken care of Jordan. Adrian then calls Chloe and tells her he's working on something new and wants her to join him. She says she's doing something for Jack and will get back to him.

Audrey has found the letter in Heller's office. When she realizes Boudreau know of her father's plan she is furious for not telling her. Boudreau says her father is the greatest man he ever knew and he wanted one last service. He tells her that Heller is with "someone he trusts."

Jack and Heller stand just off the field. Heller tells Jack he's given him a presidential pardon.

Chloe calls Jack and says she thinks she can do it but she needs more time. During this conversation Heller walks towards the field. Heller stands in the middle of the field.

Ian pilots the drone over Wembley Stadium. He and Margot see that Heller is really there. Facial recognition confirms that it's the president. Margot takes the drone controls from Ian and fires a missile. It looks to be a direct hit.


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