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24 - LIVE ANOTHER DAY Recap: Kate gets sh*t done! (FOX)


Season 1 Episode 10

"8:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m."

Jack pursues final leads at all costs. Kate learns the truth about her husband. Audrey confronts Mark about his duplicity. The scope of the terror threat widens and the potential devastation reaches new heights...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Open with Jack calling Kate to tell her Navarro is behind Jordan's death and the override device is more dangerous than previously thought.

Chloe learns that not only is Adrian getting the override device back, but that he designed most of it before Yates stole it. Adrian's plan is to save lives by exposing weapons systems to every nation. He also tells her he's sold classified information acquired from Navarro to the Chinese to finance his operation.

Jack chases Navarro, with the two occasionally trading gunfire.

Navarro gets enough of a separation to make the exchange, but he is burned when Adrian doesn't leave him a car as promised.

Jack follows Adrian and Chloe but they manage to escape in the subway.

Jack tells Kate and Ritter about Adrian and Chloe's involvement with him.

Heller tells Audrey he feels guilty for the loss of life. He's preparing to return to the U.S. and hand over the office to his vice president. Boudreau walks in and connects Heller with Ritter, who briefs him.

Kate is told that Navarro set up her husband, selling information to the Chinese and framing him for it. Navarro is marched in wearing cuffs and Ritter has to stop Kate from going after him. Jack asks Ritter if he can question him, since he thinks he's the only one Navarro might fear

Navarro tells Jack he can help Jack find Adrian and the override device in exchange for full immunity, signed by the president. Navarro is wholly confident that Jack won't be allowed to do anything to him. Jack breaks Navarro's hand and is pulled away by agents.

Outside the room Ritter tells Kate he has no choice but to make the case for immunity to Heller and give him the option to grant it.

Audrey and Boureau speak. She apologizes for snapping at him but he's still bothered by what he thinks is a lingering connection between her and Jack. They argue and she leaves. He calls Anatol, who hopes he is ready to turn over Jack. When Anatol threatens to expose him for forging Heller's signature Boudreau gives him access to Jack's Comlink. The Russians will be able to track Jack themselves.

An increasingly concerned Chloe tries to make a break for it with the device. Adrian catches her quickly and is furious, demanding she return to the car.

Kate and Jack perfectly execute a plan to trick Navarro into giving up the tracking device information on the override device. Kate pretends to be so unstable that Navarro was responsible for her husband's death that she wants to kill him. Jack tries to talk her off the ledge and Navarro gives up the info when he thinks he's about to be shot by Kate.

Heller meets with his generals, who advise him to keep the override information from other key countries. Boudreau comes in and learns they have a lead on the override and Jack is heading up the mission to retrieve it.

In the car Kate talks to Jack about her feelings of guild over her husband's suicide. He shares stories from his life and advises her she eventually needs to forgive herself.

Chloe and Adrian arrive at his HQ and see his entire team has been killed. They turn around a team of Chinese operatives walks in, led by Cheng Zhi. Cheng is there because he believed he was paying Adrian to develop the device for him, not the rest of the world. Cheng's men connect the device but find it's been altered for the drone programs. Cheng orders Chloe to help fix it by shooting Adrian in the knee and threatening the next one will be in his head

Boudreau is frantically trying to call Anatol in an attempt to get him to call off his men. Anatol isn't answering.

Chloe is tricked into helping Cheng. After she's finished Adrian tells her he learned that her family died in an accident. Nobody had been trying to kill her, meaning she's not responsible for what happened to her husband and child. Cheng then kills Adrian.

A team of Russians attacks Jack and Kate. They are involved in a gunfight.

We see Cheng's men send a message to the USS Massachusetts, a nuclear submarine, ordering it to sink a Chinese aircraft carrier. The episode ends with Chloe watching on a screen as the Chinese ship explodes.


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