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24 - LIVE ANOTHER DAY Recap: Jack tried to make Margot fly! (FOX)


Season 1 Episode 9

"7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m."

Jack and Chloe have a plan in place to eliminate the terrorist threat before any more attacks rock London. With no time to spare, Jack and Kate pursue crucial leads in an attempt to gain the upper hand on the intense circumstances...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]




We open in the aftermath of the Wembley drone strike. A group watches news reports at the presidential residence. Davies consoles Audrey, telling him how great a man her father was.

At the CIA station office Kate informs everybody that Heller was killed in the attack. A call comes in that the drones are being destroyed. Margot appears to be keeping her word.

Margot tells Ian they must keep their promise and he sends the final drone under their control into a dive. Ian watches video of Heller just before the missile strike and notices something. The video was on a loop, meaning they've been tricked. Ian realizes Heller is probably still alive and desperately tries to get back the drone.

We learn Jack didn't tell Heller about the plan because he thought the president would find it too risky. Chloe, who cloned the footage, tells Jack the final drone has been pulled out of its dive. Jack realizes they've been discovered and tells Chloe to send the coordinates to the RAF. Jack tells Heller that since Margot knows he's alive he needs to "go dark." Heller reluctantly agrees. Belcheck drives Heller and Jack takes off in the helicopter.

Jack calls Kate and has her patch him into the CIA and the president's staff. He tells everybody about Heller being alive the status of the final drone. He tells Davies they don't know Margot's target but hopes they can intercept the final drone. Jack asks for CIA help finding Margot, since Chloe has a reading on her location.

Navarro orders Kate and Ritter to the East End to provide Jack with back-up.

Ian finds video footage that confirms Heller is still alive. They see him speaking with Jack in the stadium. Instead of going after him, Margot wants to make sure Heller is alive so he can see what she is about to do. She targets Waterloo station.

Chloe reaches out to Adrian for help getting a fix on Margot's location. He's reluctant, but agrees to help when she says "it's for me." Chloe gives Jack and Kate the building where Margot is headquartered. To get a specific fix on her location they need to turn off the power.

Kate and Ritter arrive and a gunfight ensues. Soon after Jack arrives in his chopper.

Margot learns that the drone will be within striking distance of London within five minutes.

Ian programs the drone to strike Waterloo station as soon as it gets within range.

Chloe finds Margot's exact location on the fifth floor. Everybody learns Margot will hit Waterloo in a matter of minutes and Davies orders an evacuation.

With the targeting complete and the CIA on top of them Ian wants to leave. Margot doesn't let him, ordering him to stay at gunpoint.

Kat and Ritter work their way to Margot's location inside, while Jack propels himself to their window from the roof. Jack gets to the window and hurls Ian down to his death. He's able to get inside the room and take Margot into custody. Chloe helps talk Jack through taking over control of the missile and helping guide it safely into the water. Jack then tosses Margot out the window to her death.

Heller returns to the residence and is reunited with his daughter. Davies thanks him for his bravery. Boudreau tells Heller that Margot is dead and Jack is in possession of the override device. Heller calls Jack and thanks him.

Kate gets a call from her contact in the English police department. He's at the motorcycle shop where Jordan was killed and tells her he thinks he's one of hers. There is no ID on the second body. She calls Navarro and tells him she and Ritter are going to the scene to find out what happened.

Navarro grabs his secure phone and calls Adrian. He says that the man he sent to kill Jordan will eventually be traced back to him and he wants help leaving the country. Adrian tells him he'll help if he can bring him the override device now on its way to the station with Jack.

Kate arrives at the scene of Jordan's murder. Her contact tells her that Jordan was shot elsewhere and they killed one another there. The other man has no ID and his clothes are without labels. Kate can't figure out who would want to kill Jordan and decides to run the other man's fingerprints through their database.

Chloe tells Jack she's done working with him. We see that she's in the car with Adrian and he thanks her for giving him another chance.

Jack arrives at the station with the device. A DoD tech arrives to start an analysis. Jack is informed of Jordan's death. He calls Kate, who tells him the man who killed Jordan is a covert operative. Jack agrees to reach out to an old CIA contact and get an ID on the man. Navarro realizes he's running out of time.

The tech tells Jack and Navarro that the override device offers unlimited access to any defense system. "This isn't just about drones."

Audrey calls to thank Jack. He steps out of the room, which offers Navarro the opportunity to choke out the DoD tech and stick the override device in a bag. Jack then gets a call from his CIA contact who tells him the man who killed Jordan was a high-level covert assassin and one of his handlers was Navarro. Jack realizes what this means, but turns around to see Navarro and the override device are gone. Jack chases Navarro out of the building.

Navarro calls Adrian and tells him he has the device. Adrian gives him a place to meet. Chloe returns to the car. She kisses Adrian, who tells them they are going to "meet a friend."


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