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24 - LIVE ANOTHER DAY Recap: Jack doesn't give a damn about protocols! (FOX)


Season 1 Episode 7

"5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m."

Jack and Kate try to save the life of a key player tied to the threat. Jordan is ordered into the field on a perilous mission. Then, after Heller engages Margot to end her savage attacks, he faces a game-changing decision...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

Who can get to Simone first? The race between Margot and Jack begins.



We open with Simone being treated at the scene of her run-in with a London bus. An officer asks Yasmin if she knows Simone and the girl tells him that she killed her mother.

Jack doesn't give a damn about protocols. Jack makes sure to free Belcheck before leaving the scene. He yells at the MI5 agents for compromising his operation and is told they were there on the orders of Davies.

Chloe calls Jack and tells him the phone is connected to Simone and that she's just been hit by a bus. Chloe is warned by someone via IM to "Get out of there!" Jack and Kate leave and head for the closest hospital to Simone's accident.

Boudreau brings Heller a secure video data stream for Margot they've received through backchannel. Jack calls and gives Heller an update, telling him about the M15's interference.

Davies arrives just after the phone call with Jack and Heller yells at him for interfering in the operation. Davies makes reference to Heller's health being the reason and the president assures him if he was concerned about his decision-making he'd step down. Davies gives Heller his word he'll fully cooperate as Jack tries to get Simone to help them.

During the ambulance ride Simone's phone rings. It's Margot and the paramedic tells her what has happened.

Margo hangs up and tells Ian they need to figure out Simone's condition and whether anybody know who she is. The plan is to get an associate named Kareem to go the hospital and investigate.

We see that despite Navarro's instructions Jordan is looking into the inconsistencies with the files of Kate's husband. In his office Navarro gets a call from the mystery man telling him what Jordan is up to. We see that this person is Julian, who reminds Navarro that he was the one who framed Kate's husband and his career will be over if Jordan finds out what he did. Julian refers to himself as a "middle man" in the covert operation.

At the hospital Jack and Kate work with local law enforcement to secure the floor where Simone is being treated. Jack pulls out Simone's doctor and orders him to stabilize her in such a way that she'll be able to answer a few questions.

Kareem, who is armed, arrives at the hospital and puts on some scrubs. Kate finds Yasmin and asks her a few questions. She is able to determine the connection between her mother and Simone and learns that Simone attempted to warn Yasmin's family to flee the city. Kate calls Jack and tells him what's up. Kareem overhears this conversation and calls Margot.

Kareem tells Margot the authorities know who Simone is and that he's learned from Kate she attempted to warn Farah. Margot orders Kareem to find out exactly where in the building Simone is being held and prepares her team to leave the building. Margot tells Ian they're going to use a drone to take out Simone at the hospital.

Navarro calls Jordan into his office and tells him he wants to make a pick-up.

Heller tells Bourdreau and Audrey that Davies knows about his condition. Heller realizes it was silly for him to think he could continue to be president and tells Boudreau that after the crisis he wants to start the process of transitioning the office to the vice president.

Jack asks Simone questions. She refuses give up any critical information about Margot.

Jack and Kate spot Kareem where he shouldn't be. A gunfight ensues and Kareem is killed by security. Jack looks at Kareem's phone and sees messages from Margot that indicate a drone strike is minutes away. An immediate evacuation of the hospital is ordered.

Chloe sets up her laptop in a bar.

Jacks tells Simone that her mother is targeting her with a drone before helping her out of the hospital.

Jack helps make sure Simone gets out of the hospital just before Ian sends a rocket into that side of the building. Kate brings Yasmin to safety.

Using the drone's camera Margot spots Jack and Kate put Simone in a car. Ian sends another missile but Jack is able to avoid it at the last second. As Jack speeds away Simone gets a good look at the devastation. They follow Jack as he speeds through the city and fire yet another missile at him, once again just missing. Jack gets to an underpass and changes cars, tricking Ian into shooting the drone's final missile at the empty vehicle. Margot is aware her daughter got away.

Jordan arrives at the drop point near some water and is shot by a man who was clearly waiting for him. The man scans the water to finish Jordan off but doesn't find him.

Boudreau meets with the Russian Deputy Minister. The Deputy Minister is aware that Boudreau has forged Heller's signature and believes that is why he won't get Heller on the phone with Moscow. Boudreau tells him that regardless of what he's done, the Russians won't be able to get Jack before he finishes his mission. Boudreau promises to help after the crisis is over.

Heller speaks with Jack. When Jack tells him Simone hasn't given them anything he orders Jack to come see him in person.

We see that Jordan has been shot but is still alive.

Heller makes the conference call to Margot. He wants her assurance that if he turns himself over to her she'll do as she promised and nobody else will be harmed. She gives him her word and says she thinks Heller has probably already made up his mind. The episode ends with Heller confirming that he has made up his mind.


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This preview is from Day 9: 6:00 - 7:00pm.

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