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Season 1 Episode 3

"1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m."

Kate Morgan continues her hunt for Jack, as Heller prepares to address Parliament after a devastating attack. Margot Al-Harazi proves she is willing to sacrifice anything for revenge...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



We open with Jack going into a bar looking for Yates. He finds his body in the bathroom and a woman's wig outside the back of the building. Chloe is able to find closed-circuit camera footage of the Yates' girlfriend carrying the device. Chloe and Jack rush to her likely next destination.

Kate is able to find out Jack was there to see Yates. Navarro calls Ritter and tells him to get out of there because of the diplomatic concerns of Americans shooting up the streets. Against Kate's wishes Basher's men are cut free. But Kate knocks out Basher and tells Ritter she wants them to take the boss with them.

With Chloe's help Jack is able to get on the same car as Margot's daughter/Yates' killer. She spots Jack and seems suspicious. She cuts herself and wipes the blood on her face, pretending that Jack has attacked her. This allows her to escape to a higher level where she ducks into a service area. Chloe is distracted by a family and misses the woman climbing into a nearby car. When Jack returns to the car she tells him that Morris and Prescott were killed in a car accident. She was distracted because she thought she saw them. They were killed because she was being targeted and she's racked with guilt. Jack's able to convince her to help him prevent the attacks.
Clark tells Boudreau that in order for them to hand Jack directly to the Russians they need approval from the president. Audrey and Boudreau argue over how tough he was prepping her father. Boudreau doesn't think going in front of parliament is a good idea. He asks Audrey to talk her father out of it. We see Boudreau forge Heller's signature on the document that would allow them to give Jack to the Russians.

Chloe discovers the woman with the device is Simone, terrorist and daughter of Margot, who is the widow of a famous terrorist. Jack thinks they need to return to Adrian.

Simone returns to Margot and tells her she barely escaped an American. She gives her mother the device. Simone's brother, who appears to be a tech wizard, greets her inside and pulls out the device. He thinks it will take about an hour to get Yates' device up and running. We also see that Simone has a husband and he seems to be concerned about something. When Simone leaves the room Margot takes Simone's husband aside and explains they are at war and that Simone is playing a role.

Jack and Chloe return to Adrian's hideout. Jack explains what is happening with the drones and their need to prove the device exists. Adrian thinks they need to find Tanner's flight plan. Jack asks for a false ID with high-level clearance. Adrian reluctantly agrees to help.

Kate and Ritter bring Basher to the location of a rival gang who wants him dead for a past issue. He quickly agrees to talk. He was paid huge money to help Yates, who was working on something with drones. A person named Tanner was somehow involved.

We see Tanner being brought to the U.S. embassy.

Margot asks Simone about the American. Margot is worried that her daughter was found and what that might mean for their security.

Kate and Ritter discuss Tanner's case. She's trying to figure out what connects the pieces. Ritter is impressed with Kate's work thus far. Navarro calls, angry they assaulted a British citizen. She explains the intel they received and says their on their way to the embassy to question Tanner.

Audrey talks to her father about speaking to parliament. Heller knows she and Boudreau are concerned, but he's not budging.

Jack goes to the embassy. His credentials are entered into security, but Adrian makes sure that Jack will be red-flagged and arrested.

Simone and her husband share a drink and then begin to fool around. We can see he's clearly uncomfortable with the situation. Margot is watching them on camera.

Heller speaks to parliament. He begins a few prepared remarks but is immediately shouted at by the representatives. It isn't going well.

Jack gets to security and realizes that something is wrong. Chloe does as well and tells Jack to leave. He manages to steal a gun and cause a panic amongst the protesters just as Kate and Ritter arrive. Kate spots Jack, but he is able to lose himself among the protesters.



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