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The Originals' Charles Michael Davis: Marcel Is Finally Finding His Voice

tumblr_mlnwgfIJvA1qdsevco1_500The Originals' second season may be all about the Original family, but Charles Michael Davis says Marcel is about to make some serious noise.
Although Marcel once ruled the city of New Orleans, the minute Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) returned, he immediately took center stage as the most powerful supernatural figure in the Big Easy. Throughout Season 1, Marcel struggled to keep his city under control and by the end of the show's freshman run, he lost nearly all of the vampires, many of which were friends, fighting by his side. But two episodes in and Marcel is well on his way to rebuilding his army and he's not about to let any Originals get in his way.

"In Season 1, Marcel deferred to Klaus a lot and in Season 2, it's a bit about Marcel finding his own voice and mediating in his own way," Davis tells "[The writers and I] had talked about getting Marcel back to the Marcel from the pilot, but things had changed for him. Marcel isn't quite featured as much and that also means he's getting marginalized and pushed off to the side. So just like the character has to find his voice, I found mine in the mix with the cast and what I can contribute and communicate with the writers. I learned to speak up about what I know and what I value creatively and what I want to bring to the show and they've been kind and heard me out; I've learned I just have to ask."


As Marcel grows stronger in present-day New Orleans, viewers will also get to see more of his past. Most recently, flashbacks revealed both to the audience and Davis himself that it was actually Elijah (Daniel Gillies) who had mentored a young Marcel. Those scenes also showed that Elijah purposely grew distant from Marcel in order for Klaus to build a relationship with the boy he saved — and perhaps gain a little humanity in the process. But for Marcel, it felt like a betrayal by the oldest Mikaelson, causing a rift for centuries to come.
"Daniel and I were always trying to figure out why they don't like each other and we wanted them to be friends and the [writers] kept saying no,"Davis says. As for the episode's final scene, which was somewhat of a peace offering, Davis adds, "We'll see some respect return. I don't think they'll necessarily be friends or be friendly, but they'll work together and respect each other. In Season 1 Elijah came in and threw Marcel around literally and now they can talk about things."


Davis shares that Marcel will get another flashback, but for the first time, the scene is solely about his character. "It's about time," the actor says excitedly. "It's about how Marcel got his leadership skills [but] I can say it's not related to New Orleans. [In it] he departs his home to find out who he is and what he's made of and goes on an adventure where he meets new enemies, externally and internally. The great thing about these flashbacks for me is that you get to see what his opinions and perspective is rooted in. Now, Marcel is realizing more about who he is at his core and gets to rebuild and grow and that's the arc that we're moving into for midseason."
The Originals airs on Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

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