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2016: In Memoriam

I think we all know 2016 was an extraordinary year for losing so many talented individuals.

I’ve seen long lists of departed celebrities, many of which are based on international wires. They might list actors like Bewitched‘s Bernard Fox or Alf‘s diminutive Michu Meszaros (with the wrong date), but they won’t tell you about gifted actors like Ronald Falk, Lois Ramsey, Vivean Gray, Scott Burgess, Lewis Fiander, or those who contributed so much to broadcasting like Norman May, Oscar Whitbread or Don Battye.

At TV Tonight I always look to those who made an active contribution to Television, thus Prince and George Michael (a personal fave) do not make the cut, whilst David Bowie has both film & TV acting credits.

Here’s to those we will remember…

Brian Johns
Natalie Cole
Lionel Williams
David Bowie
Pat Harrington Jr.
Alan Rickman
Dan Haggerty
Glenn Frey
Lois Ramsey
Abe Vigoda

Sir Terry Wogan
Frank Finlay
Joe Alaskey
John Paterson
George Gaynes
Angela “Big Ang” Raiola
Peter Hudson
Ken Delo

George Kennedy
Don Battye
Sonia Borg
Tony Warren
Nancy Reagan
Jon English
Robert Horton
Sylvia Anderson
Larry Drake
Joe Santos
James Sheldon
Peter Brown
Garry Shandling
David Smyrl
Ross Jennings
Patty Duke
James Noble

Ronnie Corbett
Douglas Wilmer
Bob Ellis
Barbara Jungwirth
Bruce Mansfield
Doris Roberts
Victoria Wood
Madeleine Sherwood
Robert Greenberg

Reg Grundy
Scott Burgess
William Schallert
Oscar Whitbread
Alan Young
Lewis Fiander
Bert Kwouk

Brian Beaton
Theresa Saldana
Mihaly “Michu” Meszaros
Janet Waldo
Ann Morgan Guilbert
Anton Yelchin
Ronald Falk

Caroline Aherne
Noel Neill
John McMartin
Gaurav Tiwari
Garry Marshall
Vivean Gray
Jerry Doyle

David Huddleston
Barry Jenner
Jack Riley
Steven Hill
Marvin Kaplan
Gene Wilder
Darrell Ward

Jon Polito
Richard Neville
Hugh O’Brian
Ian ‘Beat’ Hill
Ken Sparkes
Norman May
Alexis Arquette
Michael Shrimpton
Curtis Hanson
Max Walker
Gary Glasberg
Agnes Nixon

Rebecca Wilson
Ross Higgins
Leslie Nassar
Jimmy Perry

Don Marshall
Robert Vaughn
Russell Kiefel
Peter Sumner
Florence Henderson
Ron Glass
Allan Zavod

Andrew Sachs
Van Williams
Peter Vaughan
Joseph Mascolo
Anne Deveson
Alan Thicke
Bernard Fox
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Liz Smith
Carrie Fisher
Debbie Reynolds
Barbara Tarbuck
William Christopher

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