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13 Reasons Why Officially Renewed For Season 2

13 Reasons Why has officially got a second season. The show has been one of Netflix’s biggest hits, becoming the most tweeted about TV show of the year so far. It’s also become one of its most controversial offerings, with some factions claiming the show glorifies suicide, or that it gives impressionable young adults some very dangerous ideas. However, that was never the point of the show. Based on the YA novel by Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why follows Hannah Baker in the final days of her life before she dies, leaving behind 13 tapes with reasons why she chose to end her own life.

It’s an uncomfortable notion, and one which many are still not comfortable talking about, particularly since 13 Reasons Why also focuses on sexual abuse. That said, it does prompt discussion, which can only be a good thing, and hopefully, understanding. And it looks as though the show will get to delve a whole lot deeper into the subject matters raised.ince it has now officially been renewed for a second season. Christian Navarro, who plays Tony, announced the news via his

The show has officially been renewed for Season 2. Christian Navarro, who plays Tony, announced the news via his Instagram in the post below.

The story isn't over. Season 2 #13ReasonsWhy is coming.

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Although Season 1 did end with Hannah’s suicide, the show was also left very open-ended, with multiple characters’ storylines unfinished. Alex was one; he had shot himself, viewers were told, and was in hospital in a critical condition. Then there’s Justin, who’s skipped town after finding himself with nowhere to live. Perhaps most worrying of all, was Tyler, who has made his way into school with a backpack full of guns and ammo. Not only that, but Hannah’s parents are in the middle of a court case where they’re suing the school for their daughter’s death. Multiple students are being subpoenaed, bringing to light some of the failings that Hannah had detailed in her tapes. Tony had handed the tapes over to Hannah’s parents, so where will they go from there?

13 Reasons Why must also examine the aftermath of Jessica’s rape, and the fact that she finally summoned enough courage to talk to her dad. Justice for Bryce must surely be served? As for Tony, Navarro has already stated that he’d like to see his relationship with Hannah addressed; why did he deliver the tape recorder to her but not think to ask if everything was okay? In light of her suicide, that’s got to have some emotional impact on him.

With no second book to go on, 13 Reasons Why has a blank slate for Season 2. Where they take it is anyone’s guess; whether Hannah will feature, or if they will instead choose to focus on the present rather than the past is unclear. One thing will be certain, though; 13 Reasons Why will once again face controversy head on, and spark numerous discussions while doing so.

13 Reasons Why Season 1 is available for streaming on Netflix. There is no release date set for 13 Reasons Why Season 2 yet.

Source: Christian Navarro

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