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カピバラ温泉 Capybara Mating Rituals


Capybara Mating Rituals at Nagasaki Bio Park

Momiji has had a very stressful time after giving birth to Choco and Doughnut, and looking after Ayu's baby Macaroni. Yasuha and Maple have been attacking her, and she is always hungry. Nursing 3 babies is taking a lot out of her and she is a phenomenal mother. If one of the babies wants some milk he just bites her and she immediately stands up so he can suckle. メイトを20回とメープルを得た。1時間で。赤ちゃんの泣き声

On this wet, rainy Sunday she calls repeatedly to Toku. (Toku is the father of her babies). He immediately comes over to the fence separating them. At about 3 PM the keeper decides to let Momiji enter Toku's enclosure, and Hinase is taken out. Hinase is not very happy about this, being supplanted by Momiji for a romantic engagement. Momiji was very willing and kept adopting the Lordosis position waiting for Toku to mount her. This went on for over an hour and Toku mounted her more than 15 times.

You can hear her babies calling plaintively in the background. They were wondering why they couldn't get to mummy, and what on earth was Toku doing to her. Choco and Doughnut even tried copying Toku, by mounting each other! At about 2 minutes 30 seconds you can see Momiji's sister Kaede in the enclosure at the top of the hill, watching.

After a while her babies plaintive cries, and then gnawing on the fence began to upset Momiji. Toku seemed to sense a change in her demeanour and looked concerned, hanging back with a puzzled expression on his face, wondering if he could mount her again. Is there an element of frustration in Toku's barks?

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